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D & # 39; Alessio case: Explosive statement of the former officials …


In a dramatic statement, the pilot Jorge Christian Castañón, said that Attorney Carlos Stornelli threw him a huge illegal operation of espionage and data suggest that Stornelli, in alliance with the fake lawyer Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio, planned plantarle drug bag. The reason for this persecution with the & # 39 is that the Peruvian pilot Castañón with & # 39 is the current wife of the ex-spouse Stornelli, Antoninus of Florence. Thus, the prosecutor used the D & # 39 group; Alessio illegally settle a family matter, a prisoner trying to put the ex-husband of his current partner.

When the scandal broke with the publication of conversations between D & # 39; Alessio and Stornelli women –Antonini– tried to justify to talk to the pilot, that everything was a lie and that Stornelli spoke with Mauricio Macri, because "the whole reason invented and judge Aleh Ramos Padilla offender . "According to her, the president promised to shift the Attorney Ramos Padilla. Date of the message corresponds to a request for impeachment of judge Dolores.

"Now we find out that she (Stornelli) wanted to falsely involved in a crime. Those in favor of Stornelli? »Said Castañón. A statement as a witness in the pilot Dolores was born in Peru, but a citizen of the US, was lyapidarnasts for Stornelli. On the one hand, illegal spy operation has been demonstrated at the other, something more serious & # 39; oznym between D & # 39; Alessio and Attorney said about how to send Peruvian prison. Stornelli intended to prevent someone Customs detains electronic Castañón, because he had brought from the United States. D & # 39; Alessio, however, wrote the following: "I think it is something worse, something in the bag, but we have to talk in person," he said in a text message addressed to the prosecutor.

Castañón Ramos Padilla testified before the Monday of the investigation and confirmed that it's illegal. It happens that in chats, D & # 39; Alessio Stornelli told him that he could find Castañón worked at United Airlines subsidiary. "I stress that if I worked for a time in the company of United Airlines (I worked until 22 January 2019)," he said Castañón checking spy.

Within a few days, from 11 January Stornelli WhatsApp messages he sent to D & # 39; Alessio asking if he recognized "Peruvian". Fake lawyer was arrested, but eventually wrote his answer: "I watched the Org Chart, and see that Castañón / Jorge de EWRFO, which is United Express. Reports a Andrew Ashbury (WHQUX). This is the first official United Express. Regional subsidiary. So that the person you want and does not work to come to Argentina. "

From the data obtained by D & # 39; Alessio, fake attorney and the prosecutor they crossed the scheduling message that can be done against the current wife of former Peruvian Stornelli husband. The prosecutor suggested denounce customs and D & # 39; Alessio offered to put the drugs in the suitcase. There was no answer to this last idea.

In a statement on Monday, Castañón said that being married to Antonina, who has two daughters, he met Stornelli, since they were neighbors and walk or jog along Palermo, at a time when the Peruvian lives in Buenos Aires with his family & # 39; it. Although not explicitly said it was unspoken that Castañón couple in crisis – Antonina fiscal put this novel to the last. According to the story of the driver who caused a storm

Castañón said Antonina condemned him twice in recent years, in order to remove it from your daughters. The first was for the violence in the family & # 39; and and sexual abuse of daughters dossier was closed in 2017. The second complaint harassment Antonina, –according Castañón– cause has been filed in the past year. It is important that in this second case, Stornelli Antonina presented as a witness, though –always version piloto– Castañón and Stornelli entirely exchanged a word for several years.

Two complaints against climate Castañón exhibit and explain the offensive Stornelli wanted to unleash against the pilot. Logic categorical proof that the prosecutor appealed to the illegal spying and preparing –in combination with ilícita– Association falsely involve the driver in the drug trade, put the drugs in the suitcase.

When they go beyond chats Castañón each sent to Orlando, where he lives a pilot. then he spreads with his ex-wife with the help of text messages and audio messages. Everything was delivered yesterday at the Dolores Court.

Florence Antonina I assure you "chats between D & # 39; Alessio and Stornelli all a lie, poems edited. Judge offender, fully armed. Carlos Mauricio spoke about this, and they will fire on Thursday. "

Thursday Antonina was mentioned 21 March. On Monday, March 18, the executive branch has officially presented a request for impeachment Ramos Padilla. He made the representative of the executive power in the Council of Judges, Juan Bautista Mahiques. As shown, the terms are the same.

Another dramatic episode occurred later. If the investigator called to testify Dolores Castañón, current wife Stornelli he started they will not send pilots messages insisting on the & # 39; manifest Dolores and "fix with Carlos." Castañón refused categorically told him that I did not have anything to talk to the prosecutor.

A final thought about Castañón attention and is reflected in the judicial declaration: "Now, after all this happened, the posts, I see you were Stornelli with D & # 39; Alessio, when he (Stornelli) wanted to draw me into a crime, it is interesting for whom? "

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