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D & # 39; Alessio case: former declaring the current pair Stornelli


Monday, April 29 has been submitted to testify in Dolores Jorge Cristian Castagnon, ex-husband of the current financial pair Carlos Stornelli, Castagnon mentioned to announce that It is mentioned in the WhatsApp conversations between spyware and fake lawyer Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio and Stornelli.

In these chats, the prosecutor asked for the information D & # 39; Alessio current partner ex. Call to Castagnon relevant because it jeopardizes Stornelli in studies, because it shows how a user intelligence D & # 39; Alessio and his group.

Said Castagnon he heard him mention the case, because his friend to read the news, and sent pictures of the note. He said he was concerned about the situation, and that one day, on March 17 while eating with her daughters in the restaurant La Parolaccia, Florence, with & # 39 appeared his ex-wife.

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"She began to tell me a few things related to the cause, for example, does not come here to testify, to fix things with Carlos directlyIt is all of these things were familiar themes, Charles has already said Mauritius and Thursday (which will be on March 21), he had to dismiss the judge on the case, "he recalls. Mauritius is an allusion to the president Mauricio Macri.

In a statement, Castagnon also said that it is a tense situation with the mother of his children. He said that the abuse complaint against their daughters, who had been dismissed, and he was convicted of persecutionHe said that he met Stornelli around 2005 or 2006 when a mutual friend introduced them, because all three were residents of the city and went for a walk together at night in the Palermo woods.

While the Declaration He used to pass by an old friend of his former Stornelli. "My sincere all this creates me a whole is very awkward situation, because the truth is I divorced long ago Florence and the truth is that the reason why we broke up, who do not come to the case they were not pleasing to me, but it is true that the sub & # 39; the object was involved his current partner, Mr. Stornelli. I explain that I do not have any complaints or anything against Mr. Stornelli "He said.

Stornelli asked D & # 39; Alessio information Castagnon. Then WhatsApp messages exchanged between the prosecutor and the lawyer spy-lie:

Castagnon full text of the statement:

Declaration Castagnon

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