Friday , June 25 2021

"Dancing 2018": mother's emotional dedication Jimena Baron Lucia Perez and feminist struggle

(- El Trece Showmatch Video)

It was not the best night for her, because the jury did not look favorably on his performance in the rhythm tributeWhere he paid tribute to the Aretha Franklin.

Nevertheless, after the return of the jury, and in front of the & # 39 porch, Jimena Baron was a heart dedication of all women struggle and, especially, in particular for marten, mother Lucia Perez.

"On the other hand, Marce, Lets me, he made me this green dress María VilariñoI asked to go. I chose Aretha Franklin Therefore, as the bit is my sign and my label strong, courageous women, why it was my choice Marceand I want to dedicate to him today, I thought we were going to break up all the women and all the people who came yesterday"He ripped.

"I mean, I'm deeply moved by what is happening, leaving the fight, it happens to" at least ". My shame, my sadness and anger at the patriarchal justice, acquitting FEMICA de Lucía Pérez, because it was femicide"He continued.

"So Martha, a mother who fights for it with all of us, I could not beBut I am today, and I always, because it is a struggle that started and finished. Therefore, we dedicate this marten"He concluded.

"Really big kiss martenThat, he said this yesterday Victoria DondaI'd like to meet her. Really big kiss, fight marten It was a strange and motion yesterday that the femicide was unbelievably solved Justice really amazing how he decides to justice, which caused great indignation. so all our love Martha, and we hope that it can meet in the next week, I really wanted to talk to her, "he added Marcelo TinelliAgainst the backdrop of unrest.

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