Thursday , November 26 2020

Declare a health warning in Chubut six cases of hantavirus


L Government Chuset on & # 39; has identified health warning in the program area of ​​Esquel after confirming six cases of hantavirus in Epuyén.

Of the six people infected, two died and two others were released. Chubut MOH reported that "coincide in time and place" in all cases, so that the hantavirus outbreak is confirmed.

Cases of hantavirus detected are marked "Bud", because "there is in the same context, in Epuyen city at the same time and the same place," he said to the bodies of Dr. Jorge Elias.

"After several hours of analysis of the situation and update data, we conclude that the hypothesis of human transmission, to avoid the opposite," said the lanky.

In describing the propagation of "face to face" is now accepted hypothesis, the official explained that "the first element is taken into consideration, it is unique and unusual in time and space of the case, because all the positive cases were the same place."

He also said that "the second element is taken into consideration, with the & # 39 is a plot of 7 and 21 days were symptomatic of the situation in positive cases," who went to the six confirmed Malbrán.

preventive measures

These recommendations are: if you decide to camp, pick a place that is free from weeds and do not sleep in direct contact with the grass; Follow the caretaker and overseer, posters, and other health care providers; Walk footpaths with suitable clothing and footwear, avoiding places with weeds; Keep the air, neat and clean housing and sheds; Use bleach for disinfecting and not ventilate previously, not less than one hour, which remained closed environment for a long time; and do farm work clothes, suitable footwear and respiratory protection, with a surgical mask or handkerchief.

If in doubt, move closer to the hospital or to the nearest medical center.

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