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Deng officially discontinued Hantavirus outbreak in Chubut: what has changed in the protocol


"The day has come to officially about the & # 39; to make known epidemiological emergency Hantavirus"Said Minister of Health, Chubut, Adrian Pike, during a meeting in Epuyén, epicenter of the outbreak, which was attended by experts and epidemiologists from Chubut, Neuquén and Rio Black.

Official formally confirmed completion of hantavirus outbreaks "The most serious & # 39; major in history"What was the balance 11 dead34 positive cases and nearly 100 isolated in Cordillera Chubut.

"Concluded epidemiological times"Piquet said, while acknowledging:" Much remains to be done in terms of what we know and assimilated over the last few months in terms of scientific knowledge. " He said that the recent outbreak He changed forever disease strategy, because until now the mouse «colilargo» was taken as a transmission sourceWho was moved this time the hypothesis of interpersonal contagion that originated from a birthday party, which emerged from the first strand of the victims.

change protocol

Health officials and scientists they have to adapt to new challenges"This unforeseen circumstances forced us to change our focus and care protocols to a new Hantavirus next occasion. Among them, the tool was used for the first time joined the selective isolation respiratory who comes to stay, "Pique said the minister.

With this new flash least prepared biosecurityWith teams and aparatología to face another potential contingencies in the area, which coexists with the disease forever, but to know "Andes"The hantaviruses showed variability and distribution of power hitherto unknown.

In addition to a & # 39; in reality of flash termination, intentions among health care teams Patagonia provinces It was an exchange of information on the use of new technologies, medical research, and even the intervention of mental health, to keep the affected population.

Associate Director of the Program Area Esquel, Jorge Elias said the outbreak was " unique experienceNot always, where we had to take extraordinary solution that allows us to ensure that it will not from now on is what we knew before abnormal. "

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