Thursday , February 25 2021

Design "extraterreste»: the last BMW coupe designed with fragments of meteorites

If you think you have seen everything in terms of luxury and automotive, BMW introduced a series of 8 persons M850i ​​Night SkyTo look beyond the Earth.

Literally, the new car has parts that are decorated with meteorites Where are these materials? spectacle of shooting stars began when the Earth for a short time has passed through the orbit of asteroid 2003 the EH, so some of the fragments entered the Earth's atmosphere and burn up.

Occasionally, small stones penetrate the shield of the planet and fall to the ground. Some of these extraterrestrial fragments have now been incorporated into the cabin Individual M850i ​​Night Sky.

"Meteor rock" decorates the entire central console, start button, and a touch controller selector for IDrive system. Furthermore, insertion of meteoric material were also included in the doorway, with a lighted logo image.

It should be added that many of the design elements, inter & # 39; EPA and ekster & # 39; EPA, with the & # 39 is the use of the structure, which only occurs naturally alien to & # 39 Objects: Widmanstatten drawing surface.

Strictly geometric structure, with the straight lines, has the form of ice crystals and become visible when certain types of iron meteorites polished or contact with acidic compounds.

structure Widmanstatten

With & # Structure 39 is the result of the metallic alloy to cool in a very slow process that may not be reproduced in the world, which makes accurately signature of another material. Only pattern was observed for the first time at the beginning of the nineteenth century, several people, including an Austrian scientist Alois von Beckh Widmanstatten.

unique structure Widmanstatten This can be seen within the roof -cosido hands and ends in the center console, "Milling" was also in the brake discs, and can be seen in the outer covers of mirrors, splitters in the front panel to the side air intakes and the front side panels.

These external components were developed specifically for the BMW M850i ​​Individual night sky and the production of 3D-printing.

Furthermore, Widmanstatten defining trait within BMW Individual M850i ​​Night Sky, the structure pattern is repeated in the central seat sections. While armrest center console adds another special touch, its design is inspired by the bright night sky, and the LED units are used to illuminate the surface, creating the effect of a starry sky.

Finally, most of the land to the & # 39 is its 530 hp V8 engine, Developed with the BMW M8 and BMW M8 GTE, BMW M850i ​​Coupe four-wheel drive based on a global concept, which translated into a spectacular performance as sophisticated chassis systems allow the compartment cover an exceptionally wide range of sporting and comfort. Recall that, although it is not interstellar version of the 8 Series is scheduled to arrive in the country this year.

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