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Discover a way to make people & # 39 are "invisible" to mosquitoes


Saturday, March 30, 2019 14:07

The team of molecular biologists USA found that mosquitoes detect the smell of human sweat, looking for their victims to find, although in theory, a way to turn people into "invisible" for these insects, Reports EurekAlert.

Female mosquitoes were known for treatment of various sensory information to select a person chew: carbon dioxide, body odor, heat, moisture and visual signals. Now a new study published in the journal Current Biology It focuses on the role of volatile odor of human sweat acidic compounds in the process.

Key with & # 39 is known as the olfactory coreceptor Ir8a. The researchers found that mosquitoes do not have a functional version of the gene is less attracted to people.

The find opens the door to new approaches to the development of more effective repellents against mosquitoes.



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