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Discover the game, which was a miracle of science


Sea Hero Quest generates information about the scientific value like 15,000 years of research for dementia.

It takes note of the name. Sea Quest Hero VR, This is a virtual reality video game seemingly small project, developed in the study glitchers which, nevertheless, it works a lot of work from the point of view of scientists to combat dementia.

on explains with specialized scientific journal the PNAS, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, two minutes invested in the equivalent of the game five o'clock Research Laboratory knowledge of dementia. This means that the game has spawned an incredible piece 15,000 years with the time it takes research.

Sea Hero Quest

Apparently, the research is currently focused on the well-known players carry the gene APOE4Which is believed to increase the likelihood that people will develop dementia in the future. "We realized that people at high risk in their genetic carriers of the gene, desempean worse in tasks of spatial navigation, offering the game" comment on the project, which had some collaboration of Professor Michael Hornberger. "They took less effective way to achieve the goals that have been proponanĀ».

"Dementia is a growing threat to health, and in 2016 developed this game for a mobile phone in order to create the first global test as the movement of people "comment from Glitchers, the studio responsible for this release for mobile and virtual reality.

Since the release of Sea Quest Hero VR, I tried 3.5 million people in 193 countries, and, as we say, it brought an entire generation of data equivalent to 15,000 years of research.

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