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Do not forget to remove your data if you sell Tesla


Be sure to wipe the data from your car if you sell (or chocas).
Photo: David Zalubowski (AP Photo)

When most of us get rid of the car, either because we have sold or because we are involved in an accident that turned the car into scrap metal, as a rule, do not want to think again. Previously, it could do just that. But cars are made today, as evidenced by this Tesla Model 3, has much to say about you after you say goodbye.

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Two researchers say they were able to access the data without encryption, at least 17 different devices Tesla Model 3 destroyed. These were telephone contacts, email, calendars, and the last 73 destinations that were introduced in the car navigation system. In addition, Tesla Model 3 also retained a record of the accident, which shattered.

Before being acquired by the researchers, the model 3 belonged to a construction company and was due to several employees.

According to CNBC, which published a report on this issue, the researchers were able to gain access to the same information destroyed version of Tesla Model S and Model X.

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In a statement, Tesla said that offers its customers the option to delete your personal data by restoring the factory settings. The company added that it also offers a "parking mode", which allows customers escodan your personal data and other functions, if you give the keys to the valet employee.

"However, we always try to find a better balance between the fact that they need our vehicles, technical and privacy of our customers," Tesla said.

This is not a problem that affects only the Tesla, while the report focuses on their cars. New cars have the ability to store large amounts of personal data and data related to the vehicle. For Tesla, the car can collect more data, because it has more sensors.

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Today, however, many manufacturers claim that the responsibility to erase personal data from the car & # 39 is the owner, that is not necessarily obvious to most consumers. Although the person knows to delete the data from the mobile phone, before you sell, for example, you can simply do not think about doing the same thing with the car.

In the end, we can say that these cases serve as a lesson about our new reality. Our phones are smart, our smart appliances, our cars are smart. The list goes on. Many things that we use in our daily lives, collect our data. So when we get rid of them, it is important to make sure that we remove our data too.

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