Monday , April 12 2021

Dollar falls 19 cents to $ 39.75, with an attentive market and gentle Letes Lecap

This is in accordance with Free Exchange Market (MULC)If the currency back 15 cents to $ 38.80 after hitting highs of $ 39.11 at the beginning of the wheel.

In the informal market, meanwhile, blue back 50 cents to $ 38.50, According to a survey of the environment in the caves from the center of Buenos Aires. "Cash payments" yesterday rose 91 cents to $ 38.72.

especially The Ministry of Finance today, the tender of treasury bills in pesos and in dollars (with a maturity of 193 and 116 days, respectively), as well as Treasury bonds in pesos (the POT), a fixed rate, which expires November 21, 2020.

Acceptance of bids starts at 10 and ends on Wednesday at 15, according to the schedule released by the Ministry of Finance.

Foreign exchange market this week is developed to a limited extent, as a result of the G20 summit, which is about the & # 39; brings together key leaders in the world and will be held on Friday and Saturday in the city center.

In this regard, the Central Bank has confirmed the site that the operations to Thursday will limit the hours from 10 to 13. While the Friday public and private banks across Argentina will not open its doors to the public "celebration" is defined by the authorities in the framework of the summit of leaders mentioned.

Meanwhile, yesterday, on a combination of factors, among which are the removal of Kerry protection and make their own position at the end of the month, the dollar jumped 2.4%, or $ 1.44 to $ 39.94, and it hit a fresh daily from Guido Sandleris landed the Central bank. Thus, the bill accumulated fifth straight up.

In the wholesale segment of the currency 3.9% or $ 1.45 to $ 39.05 a shot. It happened on the wheel in which the BCRA made auction Letters Liquidity for 8 days and returned to confirm the reduction of the rate cut, the average was 61 237% (from 61 405% on Friday). The amount of compensation was $ 134.579 billion.

"A combination of factors, among which are disarmament Kerry significant maturities of bonds abroad and start closing the unrelenting and every month-end compensation, apparently, on & # 39; have teamed up to bring the value of the dollar correction is not expected"Said Gustav Quintana operator, PR exchange brokers.

Despite the ups and downs, the Central Bank sources explained that "in the money market is not yet the consequence of this instability is seen as all maturities LELIQ day unchanged in the updated rate cut."

For the second month in a row BCRA sent exceeds the goal of zero growth in the monetary base, so it "will continue to closely monitor the money market to absorb the excess liquidity which may exist," he said that they were the same sources.

The US dollar was accompanied by an increase in prices in the region, especially in Brazil, where the currency has increased by 2.5%. In Mexico, the dollar rose by 1.01% and Chile 0.2%.

The dollar in the world

The dollar rose on Tuesday after the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Richard Clarida, supported by the further increase in interest ratesBut he stressed the importance of assessing the economic data as the US central bank is close to the neutral position.

The dollar index, which compares the value of the dollar to six major currencies, extended earlier in the session after the US president Donald Trump, he said he hopes to continue to increase in tariffs on imports from China amounting to 200 billion dollars to 25% from 10 percent currently.

Other financial markets

In the money market between banks, the money call has been operated by an average of 60%.

in ROFEX operated 1511000000 U $ S, of which more than 77% has been agreed in the period from November to December, with final prices of $ 39.50 and $ 40.92, respectively; and rates and 49,94% 60,09% TNA. It is estimated that the central bank was selling in this market. Projected growth ended in an average of $ 1.4 accompanying rise in the spot.

Finally, the Central Bank reserves fell on Monday in the $ s 145 million and closed at U $ s +51591 Mill.

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