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Dollar slows down and back up to $ 45.30 Surgery at the National Bank


The dollar experienced reduced in the morning, when it reached 1.8% yield, and works without modification in the center of Buenos Aires. The foreign exchange market is still assimilates novelty reported The central bank of its intention to intervene in the case the foreign exchange market within a band floats freely.

The branches of the National Bank offers currency 45.30 pesos for sale.

market wholesaler in 44.15 pesos TransaSo, it accumulates profits 17.1% during the first four months of this yearThe growth rate is slightly higher than in the retail inflation for the period.

As happened since the last time on 15 April, the central bank auctioned US $ 30 million by reason of treasure, Awarded by the average price 44.0198 pesos, In the last hour of trading other $ 30000000 will be auctioned to complete the daily quota of 60 million.

It should be noted that the central interaction occurred simultaneously with manifestation Fund support International Monetary (IMF). In a short statement, a spokesman for the agency, Gary Rice, Confirmed the authorization for the sale of foreign currency Central.

The US currency has stabilized "after the measure is carried out by the Central to reduce the pressure on the market, that agroexporters accelerate the elimination of out of fear that the currency will fall further, "they warned of Research for traders.

The Committee on Monetary Policy (Copom) The Central Bank made changes in monetary and exchange rate regime provides a strong possible growth of the dollar.

Monetary organization can do dollar sales even if the exchange was posted on under the $ 51.448As provided band potolklis floating exchange, although The number and frequency not availableThat will depend on the dynamics of the market.

In addition, the Central Bank said that if the exchange has been posted above $ 51.448, An increase of $ 150 million 250 million US dollars the amount resulting from daily sales so far. You can also make additional measures to withstand high volatility, if deemed necessary.

"The Central Bank He again won the power to intervene in the market of buying and selling dollars even within a specific area of ​​non-interference, "he said Personal Portfolio InvestmentSo, "may intervene so Dimensional if necessary and so more aggressively to reduce the amount of pesos on the market, "he said.

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