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Drugs, sex addiction and suicide attempt from Spice Girl Mel B


When he pushed each of the tablets in the mouth, he thought that she was sure that she did. But he could not stay: 10, 20, 50 tablets … "? Are you sure, "he continued questioning Mel B, the next day he attempted suicide for the second time. For the first time, when I was 14, after stealing the pills found somewhere in your house.

He was known throughout the world for Spice Girls, but life is irreverent and fun «Scary Spice» was far from being a dream and reached its lowest point in December 2014, when nearly ended his life.

"Caught in the grip of my celebrity image, all smiles outside, inside was poverty and low self-esteem. He always tells the world she was happy, when in fact all that I wanted to call for help. "

Told Melanie Brown autobiography honest, Published last year.

"She's going to hate me for it, because she is very smart, he has his country house, and her husband, but it's a factIt's not a sura & # 39; ozna, it was just something that happened. We laughed, and now that all "He showed Piers Morgan.

It was not the first time Mel B has drawn attention to some of his statements. To try your content autobiography, where in addition to a suicide attempt spoke about his drug use and sexual trios, who was an amateur.

In its latest attempt to take his own life, Mel B said, to think about their daughters took her to stop, and she was taken to the hospital after he swallowed 200 tablets.

With her husband Steven Belifont It was a constant source of problems and pain. The pair separated in the background discovery is that Stephen was threatened distribute intimate video will not leave him or that she was a victim of violence several times.

However, it was Melanie's own idea to invite another woman into his bed, First it was the one who drank and had fun. Since then he has enjoyed the experience and is used to place the girls at a party in Los Angeles or in nightclubs. Sex session were recorded by Belifont.

As for his experience with drugs, Mel B has admitted: "I'm not proud of the fact that cocaine, but I can not say that did not help me in the morning to have a line of dust."

Singer says, "dust" from the bag and came to his nose, one line after another, but "Cocaine is only made worse my depression and constant worry."

It seems that the former Spice Girl has decided to leave this hell, but do not abandon the idea continue to surprise their statements.

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