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Ecological and 100% electric: an ecological Audi Tony Stark manages in Avengers: Endgame


In 2008, the billionaire Tony Stark, Iron Man would play a great actor Robert Downey Jr .. The route of this superhero took three films Iron Man-with tetralogy Avengers– the culmination of his past and the recent release: Endgame.

Like most of the know-minute fanatic loves to read and listen News-, Avengers of the & # 39 brings together several Marvel comic book heroes. But it is not only rich in special effects, shock and weapons in these films, but many cars have passed through the garage "Iron Man" to finish with a particular prototype.

In the latest installment, the nature of the cloth of his Audi R8, to get in e-Tron GT. Thus, it shows the environmental aspect, because it is a platform based on a prototype PPE -Premium electric platform exclusively developed by a group of Volkswagen, to make 100% electric model performance.

The use of lithium-ion battery with 90 kWh, which provide power autonomy of 400 km, while it can recharge quickly -a 800 volt, Mode in which recovered to 80% capacity in 20 minutes.

He is driven by two electric motors, one for each axis, which develops maximum power of 590 hp ..

But Iron Man is not only motorized avenger in the endgame. captain Marvel Brie Larson plays with & # 39 is another Audi Environmental something & # 39; and, This Audi e-tron, which has two electric motors with a power of 360 hp and a range of over 400 km.

Accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h for 5.7 seconds, while achieving a speed of 200 km / h Furthermore, the concept of electronic Sportback electrons was presented.

Besides those already mentioned, other Audi, passing through the film Iron Man and the Avengers R8 Coupe, Q7, R8 Spyder, A8L, S5 Cabriolet, A3 Cabriolet, TT S, A6 Hybrid, A4 Sedan, A7 Sportback and TT S Roadter. But the sign of the Rings efforts in this last batch, to show their vision of friendly environment both through e-Tron.

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