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Election 2019 | San – Juan: UNAC resounding victory bid to help block Peronist


The governor for re-election with a list containing various expressions sanjuanino Peronism. June 2 in the general election.

March 31, 2019

Login first Sunday morning, the governor of San Juan, Sergio UNAC, Spokes in the press, he was calm and confident in the election process, held in the province is 31 March and bet that the block is achieved with the Peronism All forward Be an example for discussion, Justicialist, Kirchner, Argentina Federal and other spaces provide across the country are facing the closure list.

"We hope that strengthening of democracy, that citizenship is expressed through their votes, because problems can be solved with more democracy, democracy ", he thought the governor at the door of his house, to guard the provincial and national media in anticipation of his word and chose the election act "It is reasonable and reasonably."

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In San Juan, Peronism reached a consensus on the list of block called All forward and it carries out its mandate to restore UNAC against the government. On the other hand, his opponent Marcelo Orrego front OS who was looking for the last time from changing its national space management and so he was presented with a different name.

For the governor, to achieve triumph in the elections to the & # 39 is a sign that It paves the way for a national unity movement PeronistIn connection with this, the President said: "The idea is to understand that participation in the provincial process. I bet means nation-building, but of San Juan that we can contribute our bit sand with a good result, a reasonable choice, you have an important part. "

San Juan governor who goes in search of his second term and win some of the 4 divisions, which still keeps us change (the rules of Peronism in the other 15) than adherence to the "productive income" in his province against the "financial speculation" message against government measures Mauricio Macri. A general election will be on 2 June.

On the situation in the country, he described the moment as "very difficult" and he stressed that his administration tried to up trying to "cushion" the effects of a national crisis in San Juan.

"We have to put a lot of wisdom and a lot of dialogue, which was absent in the last few years."

In this sense, UNAC has sent a message to the nation: "Inter & # 39; er well, in this case, in the province of San Juan has an ordered pattern, the financial equilibrium, a state that fulfills its commitments and the community, which manifests itself in a respectful and in large quantities. "

"Before asking the nation federalism, it should be done so as one has the responsibility to do so. Growth must give way inside the big capitals "He said.

For the press showed that the UNAC and he spoke with former Economy Minister Roberto Laban and his son Marco is now MP for Massismo.

At this point, the election day went smoothly or problems. 20 only noticeable trends expected. At the same time, the governor rate "On the & # 39; to combine model sanjuanino» to appreciate what San Juan province, "it was ordered, it was a pragmatic, without losing its identity and thought."

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