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In just four months, More than 309 cases were found in Mendoza, infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), Official data showed that in December last year, the disease affected 4,695 people across the province, but the government's renewal of the epidemiological report, the number rose to 5,004.

Nationally, the trend was the same. It also increased the spread of the virus, and this figure rises to more than 5,800 people infected during 2018.

The rate of infection continues to do Mendoza red since 15 cases are registered every 100 thousand inhabitants, above the national average (13) and regional (14 cases, Cuyo).

In Argentina There are 129,000 people living with HIV, and only 80% knew that carries the disease. The remaining 20% ​​are unaware of their diagnosis, which can take anywhere from five to eight years, to demonstrate the clinical manifestations. These are the worst, because it is more complex methods of treatment and recovery, known until now.

Victor Bittar, head of the provincial programs to assist and AIDS, said that numbers are obtained through the notification file, the doctor who performs the study blood tests positive, and It required by national regulations since 1990, The procedure was introduced with the sanction of the law and the creation of the national leadership.

The doctor described it "A growing concern"It should be understood that in response to two factors. On the one hand, to delays in the notification of social work to make the launch of the program. "These cases are all in relief, but in 2018 were reported this year alone and included in the report we do every year by December, "he said.

Another factor with a & # 39 is the opening of new centers for prevention, counseling and testing in the East, Uco Valley and in the south of the province. "If you multiply the number of inspections of people and the diagnosis is made, we also increase the number of cases above, since the spectrum of the population analyzed"Said the doctor.


According to national statistics, six out of ten people living with HIV care in the health system. There are national and provincial funds to assist the victims free. Care programs include drug and research.

Treatment is lifelong and It costs the state $ 22,000 per month on average per person.

At present, the provision of drugs were no obstacles, and is operating normally, despite the economic crisis. HIV treatment have 26 AIDS drugs, many of which can be achieved only by purchasing them outside. The patient must take a combination of three drugs at the same time each day.

Bittar explained that In May, he joined the program last generation drug that so far it has not been considered for the start of treatment, as is done in the United States or Europe. "This drug has been reserved for patients, ruling as a last option. But now, when it will be available for the whole country, "she said.

it Dolutegravir high potency and low toxicity, which is administered once a day"This is a very positive quality of the tablet, making treatment with & # 39 is friendly. remember that in the nineties, people with AIDS had to take 18 pills a day, This dose is less obtrusive in a patient's life, "said the doctor.

Laws governing the treatment of HIV infection in Argentina are four:

  • Total issued 90.
  • The second, which covers social work delivered in 1995.
  • Another involves the same requirements for health insurance plans, delivered in a year.
  • eventually in 1997, legislation was adjusted in Mendoza The local distribution of the benefits of the nation.

"This means that treatment with & # 39 is a state policy in excess of solutions that can carry out any government"Bittar said, explaining that the care in the state with the & # 39 is more simplified than in social work, because one of the objectives of the program for the patients, as with & # 39 is more accessible.

"The patient should ask the drug every month in public works. With provincial programs for the prevention and treatment of AIDS and OSEP We offer the drug for three months in order to simplify and reduce the on & # 39; the volume of documentation, Mendocinos many patients who live to travel to neighboring countries to get supplies here, because otherwise they could not, "he said.


AIDS transmission path 98% of unprotected sex, 1%, by sharing needles during drug use and 1%, the pregnant mother to her child. Older people are infected. Three men have HIV every woman.

among patients 52% males distributed keeping unprotected sex with men, and the remaining 42% in women SexDiagnosis with & # 39 is free and confidential and can be done in various health centers and hospitals in the province. Identified in the course, it can lead a normal life.

Currently Mendoza It has 1 419 cases of patients in the later stages, which require special care and mostly interned. In the past year, died from the disease 783 people in the province.

Access to information early diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of the patient, along with the fight for non-discrimination some of the tasks which the State within the framework of the Program of provincial aid and AIDS prevention.

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