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Epic Games will be great, like Google and Facebook


Epic Games has already been recognized and well-established to debut FortniteTruth is that the impact was huge Battle Royale, which will enable developers to grow and it was almost unbelievable presence throughout the industry.

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has a very ambitious plan, given that the research can be as big as Google and Facebook. Creative said his goal is to grow more and more to have the same on the & # 39; the amount of the mentioned companies.

"We believe that now is the time, and we have big ambitions. Even with our game engine, our business with Epic Games Store, we are not so far from Google or the size of Facebook. We hope to achieve this level of supplier development for the world, "the manager said.

On the other hand, Sweeney said, Fortnite It was a real revolution for video games, mainly because it is an example of what will be the future of the entire industry, where people play together in a mass, a strong factor of socialization.

In fact, Sweeney said, Fortnite This is not a game, for example, in the classical sense of the word, because he believes that this is a social network. "In many ways, Fortnite It's like a social network. People in the game with strangers, they are playing with your friends and with the help of Fortnite as a basis for dialogue, "he said creative.

According to the manager, Fortnite perfect from the beginning all the additional projects. As an example, it puts the importance of Unreal Engine on the market. Sweeney showed that more than 1,000 members are currently working on Epic Games Battle Royale him, but said there are several pilot projects are already in development.

Despite all this, the company also was among several disputes, including those related to competition from STiM characterized as unfair and alleged China is sending data through the store.

Fortnite is available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo switch, Xbox One, PC, IOS and Android. Here you will find more information about it, including information on its World Cup.


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