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Ethereum is losing ground because of the new network


Ethereum network loses position as developers shift to other projects, some experts Bloomberg said on March 28th.

Ethereum, who made his debut in 2015, initially presented a platform on which developers can create decentralized applications (Dapps), to make the initial offer of coins (ICOS) and intelligent editorial contracts. Many saw him as a successor to Bitcoin (BTC).

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As Bloomberg data, developers are now selected for other platforms such as EOS and Stellar. In January, only 28 percent of users were Dapps Ethereum network, while the EOS network was 48 percent and accounted for 24 percent of Tron.

Co-founder of hedge fund multicoin Capital Management, Kyle Samani, said: "The simple reality is that until the last six to nine months, there was no other than Ethereum Now there are other options .."

Founder ikigai, Travis Kling said: "Owning Ethereum options today that you think will be the future network in the extent that the project competition Ethereum gain traction with developers. with users, Dapps built on the platform, the market will be regarded as the total cost of the damage Ethereum, and can have a negative impact on the value of the ether. "

Others say that the Ethereum speed unit approximately 13 seconds start to keep up with the other networks, which may be alleged to confirm the deal less than a second.

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Bloomberg notes that most of the proposals of tokens still hold in Ethereum network and its dedicated developer base will maintain competitiveness. Ethereum member of the Foundation said:

"What really shines in Ethereum with & # 39 is its vibrant community. Each continues to build and maintain a business, regardless of the market. Recent advances in plasma and Serenity (Eth2) really talk about it. "

Earlier this weekend, co-founder and Ethereum visible face on the crypto Acne Buterin argued that the cryptography community must evolve beyond individualism associated with cyberpunk first days.

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