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External analysis – Xbox One


Outward ambitious project, and it is preferable that any explanation of what is, or what features can become a heap of meaningless words. For this reason, we will go step by step and, starting from the very beginning:

What do you Outward?

Outward is more than the name of the open-world RPG, This is pure experience and a role reminiscent of the origins of the genre. He offers a deep modeling and the opportunity to plunge into the fantastic world under the name Aurai, From the outset, this is reminiscent of the most classic in the genre, starting from scratch in a safe place where you have to prepare yourself to go out there and know that it has to be at the mercy of all the ills of the world. Hero of the journey is present in this game, who was born as a result of lost or mission, the hero has to perform the task. It starts and, along the way he meets the enemy or ally. This is achieved using a magic formula and face opponents, knocking them. Once you get something that you want to get rid of his pursuers, take the road back home. But this time, there are differentiating factors, Outward you're not a hero. You are just an ordinary adventurer, without any quality, except you have to learn how to play and lose strength.

First Steps define your way

On each trip there is a motivation, and our adventure to pay the debt burden on their origin. The high price of the blood, which, although it has nothing to do, it takes a bearing on their shoulders. Given the need for money with which to pay debts, our hero leaves the world to collect all but swinging causing an accident while returning blasts boat. A lot of lives in the accident, all kinds of material goods and money are lost adventurer. The situation is extreme and in the place where our adventure begins.

The game has a tutorial very well focused, let them, you will learn the controls and menus, but at your own pace. All perfectly responds to the classical formula of RPG, so that veterans in the genre will feel right at home. Once you north windThat becomes the starting point of the journey, you have to talk to people and issues through the system of selection and answers, you will learn everything you need. But not only do you have to manage your resources, but be aware that you should keep in mind as soon as you cross the threshold of the great doors, and you put out the outside world. Since there are many more enemies than you might think, and there are not all male cats. That is one of the biggest advantages of games: your vulnerability.

the real enemy

And is that as soon as you leave the outside world, the main enemy is not bad creatures or people who you are, as well, there is no more, but you should know that your character needs. You should try not to die of thirst, hunger, fatigue. It's not cold, or heat. You will have full control of the situation, because everything has a meaning. The system should go a step further, and that if descasas treats not only fatigue, but also earn a bonus for a limited time in order to be rested. You should use this to your advantage, enfrentándote head and a dangerous strategy mission. You will take in tow a portfolio, if it exceeds the weight will slow down. So, this is nothing new, but can leave a wallet on the ground to deal with the dangers without sacrificing mobility, and only essential items in his pockets. Once you meet your mission, you will be able to regain the portfolio. If it's heavy, it can not perform the action rolling as it is useful in a fight, so that sometimes it is important to leave to go out a winner.

Of course we can not forget that you are bandits, and will fight all kinds of creatures. Fights sun-horse title still quite slow and awkward, Sometimes attacks do not respond to what you are doing with the team, and slow down the enemy does not indulgence. At the end of the fighting are summarized attacks and avoid repeatedly, especially during the first few hours of play. You can equip a wide range of weapons, while not available in stores or to steal the body of your enemies. You can use a sword in one hand and the other theme board, but there is also a large weapons like spears, which are useful if you want to damage your opponent without getting too close.

Forging their way

At all times, the game will test not only for the way you play, but the decisions that you are going to take. As in many many games, your choice determines what you people, but be careful, your decisions are much more far-reaching than you can imagine, Outward it has autosave function constant, it means you have to live with the choice you make. Without turning around.

Of course, the game has maintained a manual system, but Outward calls you to live with your actions and, as you progress, the nature of the solution becomes more and more important and significant. This is your life, your adventure, your actions and therefore your consequencesWe must also make a special mention of the death. If you can Outward «you die", I was referring to, but not limited to back to & # 39 will be the last save point or control. If you win, the game adapts to the situation. Let's say you entered a cave dominated troglodytes (yes, they exist and are called), and after a fierce battle against one of them, you are depressed. What you see below a series of screens with static images and text that tells you that you have captured troglodytes. The game starts telling you cook, and you look hungry, but suddenly a loud noise attracts attention to them and are all armed, to see what was happening, leaving you, to my surprise, alone and unattended. Then again you take control of your character, and you can start to escape and / or continue their mission. And this is what happens after a defeat will vary and will depend on various factors such as the location of the enemy or the reasons for the loss of vitality. Thus, we can say that there is no death as such, your character will always live either alone, because someone has helped you, or because you have captured and contact ingeniártelas escape from captivity.

inventory management

Something fundamental is your team. Wear appropriate clothing to cope with the conditions out & # 39; I, is important. You can prepare a meal with ingredients that you collect or even be quite a craftsman to create objects or restore them. The weapon can be disassembled into parts that are used to create other of & # 39 object. You need to be creative.

Like all self-respecting RPG, we have at our disposal inventoryHe will put on items like weapons or clothes in front. Just below that we have in pocketThese pockets are quite metaphorical, since they do not have power unimportant. Finally, but not least, portfolioWhere thick to take our team. It is important not to exceed the capacity of both the pockets and purses, and not slow down our march. I noticed that the portfolio can be pulled to the ground when facing a fight, but watch out for his eyesIf you are applying for this fight, this may be where you wake up, the portfolio is not with you, and you have to go back to where you left off to recover. The loss is a blow, especially after many hours of play.

Outward we have all kinds of potions and concoctions. Some increase in stealth, others will do better withstand both high and low temperatures, we provide all kinds of antidotes. There will be times when you leave after fight finish poisoned or infected wounds. This is not fatal, but you will subtract the viability over time if not treated as soon as possible. You should make sure you have a full bottle of water, but to drink water when it is mistakenly filled with salt water alone will give you to drink more. Outward there are numerous details that may seem unimportant, but they are and must be attentive to all of them.

The game will make you ingeniártelas, to survive, whether it be the construction of a torch to see in dark places or create traps to face some heavy battles. You can watch on your computer and check the status of your armor (if llevases). tab vital signs You will see your health, energy or the lie, if you have already started with the help of magic. recognized need your character percent and room temperature. If something happens to your character from the & # 39 icon will appear at the bottom of the screen. It is usually easy to find out what's going on just to see the image, but you can access the tab, effects which he explained would seem that it makes sense and that the distortion problem. Another tab, which is located in productionWhere you can create a fairly rudimentary weapons and shields, but they can save you some trouble if you lose your wallet or if you run out of weapons.

Outward is a system of fast access to information about the & # 39 subjects or skills. When you press the trigger and then pressing a certain button, you can select on the & # 39; an object that you assigned previously. This can be confusing and cumbersome to perform, but ultimately ends up being a must. I also mentioned attacks and skills that can be learning as you progress in your adventure.

The story of the & # 39 excuse

As already happens in other games, the story is just an excuse to create a story that you will forge itself. No player Outward live the same experience after a certain time. You decide to do, how and when. This causes the game to enjoy the high value of replayability as you weaving your destiny.

After completing the first mission, the world opens in front of you and have the opportunity to join one of three different fractions. These functions are found in different regions of Aurai, or Enmerkar woods, in the desert Sacred Pantano or Abrassar. These fractions with & # 39 are Sacred mission Elatt group Blue House or Heroico Kingdom Levante, These three fractions history divided into three parts, and can be scaled position in each of the fractions. Outward game also cooperative. At any time, you can invite a friend to join your game together and look at the adventure.

It is important to a sense of direction

Another fundamental aspect to be taken into account, with the & # 39 is an external / card. While everything happens in Aurai, during our trip map is divided into several sections. Typically, the scenario is quite wide and open, can follow without difficulty roads in other regions. This is especially important because when you open the card He showed us our location.

When we go north to Tramontana, the climate is cold and winter bring snow reaching even accumulate. If you travel south, the royal Abrassar we will find the desert and a very warm climate. We also believe that the wetlands in Aurai center, in particular in regions with Hallowed Marsh. However, when winter comes, not only snow in the north, when winter comes, he comes to all regions, including the coastal. Thus, it is achieved that a scenario with & # 39 are more dynamic, offering visual changes according to the season we are. Of course, each environment has its obvious flaws and must adapt to them. Moreover, it comes down to a & # 39 is it cold or hot weather & # 39; e, but also moisture or rain swamped or adversely affect the performance of your character.

Hard, but not a pointer

There are games where the graphics are not everything. Are securities that offer such a rewarding experience that few other questions. Outward it happens that way, and that the graphic image is not surprising. We find little worked textures and animations below the standard we find today. Nevertheless, I believe that it is important to note that the game is almost perfect performance, a drop of frame rates, which hinder the experience. Whether you're in a cave in the ground with a few NPCs or abroad, the game is played like a rock. Within an hour I was playing, I did not see any bugs or other technical problems. We can say that technically Outward tough game but nothing to the pointer on the graph. As a very positive point the soundtrack, which is not only a lot but it's really beautiful. Constantly accompanies and helps you to dive more fancy in his world.


Even with plenty of room for improvement, I can not help but be fascinated by the proposal offers Outward. Wide dynamic world facing our pace or against enemies or against climatic inconveniences. History is just an excuse for it, along the way, you can create your own adventure. RPG with a classic taste that will appeal to most fans of the genre, but even in this case, the original proposal would attract fewer supporters.

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