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Fever is not a game: van two deaths this year


Sunday, April 28, 2019 – 12:01 am

Deaths have been reported in San Miguelito, and the other in Santa Ana

Dengue continues trace of sadness and pain in the country, because until now there were two deaths from the virus this year, which is transmitted by the female Aedes aegypti mosquito.

This was confirmed Itza Barahona de Mosca, the Deputy Minister of Health commissioned.

He explained that the deaths were reported in the area of ​​Jose Domingo Espinar in San Miguelito, and the other in Santa Ana, in the metropolitan area. This is a woman and a man. Both adults.

"Unfortunately, so that we will protect and avoid fish hatcheries and seek medical attention, he said quickly.

It should be noted that the 507 confirmed cases of dengue fever were reported in March this year.

Of these, 507, according to the Bulletin Epidemológico, made 15 March, the Ministry of Health (MoH), 458 correspond to dengue without warning signs, warning signs 45, four were severe dengue. On this occasion, only death was recorded in the metropolitan area.

He also showed that the sex the most affected by this virus & # 39 are men (273 cases).

Columbus (251 cases), Herrera (55), Panama Norte (40), Cocle (39), Panama Metro (32), San-Miguelito (26) with a & # 39 are the province in the majority of cases reported by the virus this year,

Two foreigners were also found with this viral infection, one of them, who came from Venezuela, was dengue-3 (DEN-3).

According to the report of Epidemiology Public Health Ministry, from January to September 2018 two thousand 464 cases of dengue, of which 203 thousand from the & # 39 are men and 261 thousand women were recorded. Record three people were killed, two in Columbus and one in Panama Metro.


Ministry of Health recommended for people with the arrival of rains should prevent any disease caused by mosquitoes (dengue, Zeke or chikungunya) and one of the ways to avoid throwing garbage in the streets, playing in their homes that they are not from the & # 39 are containers of water (including including vases), check around after every rain, because they & # 39 are potential breeding sites.

At home, do not leave the doors open and use insect spray or dispel the insecticide to kill mosquitoes in the room and for the treatment of the areas where they are resting.

From 2011 to 2016, 49 Panamanians died of dengue, of which 17 correspond to 2011 In 2012 there were no deaths, and in 2013, eight injured, nine were reported in 2014, six and nine in 2015 and 2016 respectively .

Remember that mosquitoes rest in dark and wet under the trough, in the closets, under furniture or in areas, laundry.

modern equipment

Machinery. Ministry of Health has invested one million 800 thousand dollars to buy 30 of the aerosol generator, special night cars and 30 cars 4×4 pickup ups. They were taken yesterday in the vectors of the department. Eric Ulloa, Deputy Minister of Health said that these machines will reduce the spread of mosquitoes in the slums, but each of them must be a protective ring.



cases of dengue fever, according to the Ministry of Health.

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