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Flor Bertotti has published and aroused the suspicion of pregnancy


A few hours ago, the actress flor Bertotti He shares a romantic picture with Federico Amador. Bertotti wrote the text to accompany the image caused doubts about the pregnancy. Look!

over 8 years ago Florencia Bertotti and Federico Amador together they live a love story novel. Each with their children -He Romeo 10, from her relationship with Guido Kaczka, and he was 11 and Ciro Vito 9-, put together, which receives some summary & # 39; nd together very well, and even saw, separating them holiday fun and moments together in social networks.

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As their relationship seems to be going smoothly, a frequent question that often makes you both Bertotti, like Amador, for when a child or a girl, as both parents of the male. Hours ago, the actress shared a photo in black and white, very romantic with your partner, and comments have raised doubts about the alleged pregnancy, according to a published LA100.

"… And we can go on to make a collage with pieces of good …" was the phrase that Bertotti crowned publication. "It will be with child" and "child for Come" have been several reports that it has received an actress. However, neither she nor her partner responded to the rumors.

Recall that a month ago, Amador answered the question about his desire to be a father: "We do not reject the idea of ​​having a child. It remains to plan, so hopefully soon in our lives"He said that in October last year.

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A It can be added Bertotti words written days ago on his Instagram account, when he was years: "It will be a year full of new things, problems, of course, delicious food and some bitter gulp … It sounds naive, but not a genius said ℓα faith moves mountains … I had every reason in the world !! We believe that this is the key! Rich ending the day! ".

Son come?

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