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From tomorrow, YPF also increase the price of its fuel


This was confirmed YPF in a statement, in which he showed that Sunday, a liter of petrol, their super and Infinia it will grow 4.55% while diesel (D500 Diesel and Infinia) Grow 4.89%.

Thus liter super and Infinia climb $ 40.43 and $ 46.65 respectively; while fuel liter D500 and Infinia DIESEL rise $ 37.94 and $ 44.40 respectively.

"The increase reflects the effect of variables the key to the formation of prices, such as increased To ICL (fuel Tax) And IDC, the exchange rate and changes in the price Brent " He said the statement YPF, also said that the company "He was looking for a dynamically adjust their prices in recent months in order to mitigate the effects of increased consumption of gasoline and diesel fuel. "In this regard, the company said that in the last six months"market has suffered a decline of 6.3%".

At the same time, the increase in shell it was third adjustment in so far this year. A sharp rise occurred after the dollar rose more than 10% compared to March. In the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, Oil-liter V-Power was a step $ 50 to $ 49.98 jump; Super formula was at $ 43.36; V-Power Diesel $ 47.98 $ 41.39, and the formula Diesel.

Growth that came higher than expected, is also associated with rise in oil prices and increase fuel Tax (ILC), which is renewed inflation last quarter and that the government decided to divide between march and April.

At the same time, during the first days of the year the company decided reduce the price of its fuel in less than 1% after his rival YPF did. New raises fuel prices will have a direct impact on inflation, which rose to 3.8% in February, as he & # 39 is a key tool to move the food.

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