Saturday , April 17 2021

Fuel will rise over the weekend: as if growth – Economy

The probability that in December to reduce fuel prices began to disappear with the growth of the dollar, which in recent days has risen by almost 10 per cent of skimming $ 40 in all banks.

Rumors of a possible downgrade came after a sharp drop in crude oil prices fall, which yesterday traded at $ 60 per barrel, which is 16 percent less than when the oil is adjusted local values ​​for the last time in order to achieve the import parity,

However, dollar pressure, combined with the growth of 8.34 per cent bioethanol and inevitable adjustment of the tax comes into force next month, may finally dispel this possibility and ultimately make the weekend there was a new upsurge, which will be the 15th day of 2018 .

Increasing tax adab & # 39; etsya on prices
A further increase will be about $ 1.10 oil while diesel will raise $ 0.75. Measure responsible for increasing the use of the quarterly Transmission Fuel tax (ITC) and Tax carbon dioxide (IDC), as reported dispensers.

New growth reflects the increase in the tax burden. The last adjustment of the ITC and to IDC, was applied in September and that the sum of a & # 39 is valid until 30 November. December 1 the new setting will apply until such time as would apply on 28 February. But in March 2019, these taxes are adjusted again.

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