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Gallardo told a joke TAS | River Plate



Nadir Ghazal

10:20 Sun

Had a lot of influence in recent days pun Gallardo used during Thursday's press conference after asked about Boca requirement is in CAS (Court of Arbitration), to try to keep the Copa Libertadores The river has already won a very good law.

"You, as three months ago," was the phrase that came to the doll to show your feelings aboutAnd he described the way that all the grace that generates this situation. But yesterday after the match, which ended in Cordoba, DT has come to clarify that never was his intention to hurt feelings.

"We went so wrong, so much tension, that one tries to take dramatic. It was a bad joke that we found no pun intended, nothing more. I respect the position we win in court, and we did not have. Visitors still won the second game, that's what it was, and it will not remove any. I felt sympathetic, not hurt anyone, "said Gallardo.

Finally, he admitted that he had never tried to charge anyone and courtesy adversary should never be damaged. "This does not mean that I want to tease the Boca fans. I'm far from that, I have respect for the opponent, and that has the ability to understand the game, which is intelligent, understands. The rest is to provide food for boludos ».

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