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Gimnasia protection and justice defeat and celebrated in the first leg


Santiago Silva scored the only goal in the 49th minute of the first half and gave the victory to gymnastics protection and justice

gymnastics I knew that the first step that I had to give in woodAnd so he did. In a very physical game, with a lot of pressure, asphyxia Protection and justiceHe canceled and celebrated with the aim of Santiago Silva.

Wolf has played a very good match, although unsightly from football, and was an important victory, putting his knees heavy contender. Thus, it is sung first in the second round Super League championship.

In the match litho guests have an excellent position to take the initiative, but Alexis Martin Arias He & # 39; appeared twice to save the house. Leonel Miranda He poked the ball on the edge of a large area, found only Matias RojasWho came down to Nicolas FernandezAnd it topped turned right, but the shot first, and then put the slap in the face to knock the ball off the line end.

cast tripero He pressed from the first minute to the Falcons in their field and forced him to skip the line at the exit, or make mistakes. That's how 11 minutes Ian Hurtado He caught the ball, which fell short, and pure speed and power of progress in this area and test the average distance ezequiel UNSAIN who cleared over the bar.

After 32 minutes, the game was stopped for some time fall Julio Gonzalez. Visitors jumped at quarterback competition with apelota Lucas Licht and hit on the head. He must leave the field, but he came back ten minutes later were replaced with being sick and were taken to hospital.

The party came to an end when the Wolf had a clear situation in the legs Ian HurtadoWho to the near post, shot them in Ezequiel UNSAIN. Goalkeeper sent the corner and ran to bring back the previous chief judge of crime. The game went ahead and got the opening score.

Victor Ayala The owner was arrested by the ball. He sent the center and found a stick primr Gonzalo Piovi one of the & # 39 entrance. This action record favored Maximilian Coronel, who finished at the far post, but faced with the goalkeeper. rebound went santiago Silvput his head 1 to 0.

Start the second half found the visit with a very clear situation. Following an attack on the right flank, Alexander Barbosa He & # 39; appeared on the opponent's area and scored to deflect the ball, which was very close to the post.

But with the passage of minutes wolf He is gaining presence on the ground, physically suppressing his opponent and driving him to make mistakes. target for the Indian Ortiz They had two distinct situations to tie, but responded very well Ezequiel UNSAIN. First, I spent auction Ian Hurtado and then he removed a powerful free kick Victor Ayala. Then the match was postponed, because a shell hit in the head Watchdog.



Pool (1): Alexis MARTÍN ARIAS; Facundo nut, Maximilian Coronel Gonzalo PIOVI; Maximilian bulge Agustin Bolivar, Victor Ayala and Lucas Licht; Horacio TIJANOVICH, Sant & # 39; Yaga Silva and Jan Carlos Hurtado. DT: Dario ORTIZ.

SECURITY AND JUSTICE (0): Ezekiel UNSAIN; Julio Gonzalez, Nicolas Tripichio Alexander BARBOZA and Rafael DELGADO; WHITE Domingo Leonel Miranda and Matias Rojas; Ciro Rius, Nicolas Fernandez and Ignacio aliseda. DT: Sebastian Bekkases.

GOL: PT: 49 & # 39; Santiago Silva (GELP)

booking: PT: 32 & # 39; Licht (GELP), 49 & # 39; Ezequiel UNSAIN (DYJ). PT: 14 & # 39; Caire (DYJ), 38 & # 39; Tijanovich (GELP), 40 & # 39; Fernandez (DYJ).

CHANGES: PT 42 & # 39; s Caire Gonzalez (DYJ). ST: 15 & # 39; Melluso x Licht (GELP), 26 & # 39; Gomez x Comba (GELP), 33 & # 39; Castro x aliseda (DYJ), 37 & # 39; Merlin x Rius (DYJ) and 37 & # 39; Guanini x Coronel (GELP).

stadium: Juan Carmelo Zerillo.

judge: Dario Herrera.

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