Wednesday , December 2 2020

Gloria Carr claimed that he suffered abuse at the age of 18 – 12/17/2018

After the brave statements Thelma Fardin condemning violations in the hands of Juan Dartes if it was only at the age of 16 years, Many women feel the powers and follow the example of daring to say its position.

In this connection, this time talking about the problem was Gloria Carr, mother Angela Torres, Star Simona El Trece, the last band, where he worked Darthés accident.

Gloria Carr with her daughter Angela Torres, who worked on the

Gloria Carr with her daughter Angela Torres, who worked on the «Simona» with Darthés.

In dialogue with the program Catalina Agarrate Ten ElevenActress Catalina Dlugi told how to live the question. "I am haunted by a lot of Thelma, I was part of the program, and I could never imagine,But there are such people, it is masked. "

However, in the section notes blonde called for more and He gave a great personal experience that he lived in the middle of only 18 years.

"I am very helplessness and sadness that Thelma had a chance to live. also I moved that happened to me at eighteen years old when he clung to the manufacturer"He counted.

"I told him: "You know me Chiquita", This is a question I speak in therapy today. these things are not exceeded. If women can not be with this person, abuse of a minor, "he said, without giving further details about the Identity She noted her life forever.

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