Guatemala: year-on-year inflation is 4%


The Consumer Price Index in October 2018 was 137.35, recorded a monthly inflation of 0.34%, and in relation to the previous October, the rhythm of inflation was 4.34%, indicating the National Statistics Institute.

The most important inflation rate in October 2018 is as follows: monthly inflation is 0.34%, inflation rate is 4.34% and cumulative inflation is 2.48%.

Monthly inflation (0.34%) recorded a slowdown compared to the previous October; Inflation accumulation (2.48%), also presents a slowdown in connection with the previous October year, on the other hand the inflation rhythm (4.34%), noted an acceleration in the inflation rate in relation to October 2017.

At the regional level, VII and IV have the highest monthly inflation at the price level, with 1.12% and 0.90% respectively. Regions II and VIII recorded the lowest inflation with -0.41% and -0.25%.

Monthly inflation by the Expenditure Division

Of the twelve expenditure divisions that form the CPI, transportation (1.05%), recreation (0.66%), housing (0.56%), reflect behavior in the inflation price level until October 2018.

On the other hand, furniture and household goods (-0.12%), restaurants (-0.06%), communications (-0.01%), were divisions which showed the biggest decline in their price levels.


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