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Hacker uses McDonald's application to steal $ 1,500


Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty)

It is not clear whether this was the mysterious hacker or some scams, but within a few months, McDonald users, Canadian application "My MCD in" protested because someone has access to your accounts, and asking for food with their money.

On the Canadian journalist Patrick O & # 39 last week; Rourke, chief editor of the syrup Mobile, has become the latest victim of this scam known and published your online experience. Somehow, a hacker gained access to your My McD account that was associated with your MasterCard card. The application failed the first two times On the & # 39; Rourke tried to use it, he said that he had forgotten about it. But in the next two weeks, another person used it for him, spending $ 1,500 on a Big Mac, McFlurries, Chicken McNuggets and fries.

Some purchases were spaced minutes. On the & # 39; Rourke told CBC, that perhaps someone has hacked into your account, and then "share with a group of friends Montreal, and each went to eat, as the Var & # 39; ny."

McDonald said: "Although we know that there are some isolated cases that are related to unauthorized purchases, we rely on the security of applications", in a statement, "We will take appropriate measures to keep all personal data security measures McDonald also maintains credit.. card as McD My application uses "token" payment service provider, enabling the purchase. "

The statement also calls on members "to take care on the Internet and not to share passwords with others, create unique passwords and change them frequently."

As & # 39; Rourke notes in his article, a statement of McDonald believes that one of the main causes of these incidents to the & # 39 is that the passwords from the & # 39 are weak. But since then, O & # 39; Rourke discovered dozens of tweets such episodes, and suspects that the company is trying to blame the user. According to him, it is likely that a security flaw in the application allows hackers use the accounts of others.

If D & # 39; Rourke complained about the customer service, I was asked to read aloud dozens of fraudulent transactions over the phone, they told him that McDonald's can not help him, and that his bank is responsible. Your bank returned the money after initially said his department, which McDonald's was probably responsible for the repayment of the stolen funds.

Another victim who puff on My McD application told CBC, that McDonald's also said that his bank is responsible for compensating for the money.

"I find it quite incredible that a giant company like McDonald's does not take responsibility for something like this," said O & # 39;. Rourke the CBC "They have enough money to cover the people affected by these problems."

McDonald told Gizmodo he "constantly improving their applications and update my security systems, so that the user experience is as strong and safe as possible." But now, it's a good way to prevent a hacker your money is spent on food, to keep the app from the phone.

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