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Having sex every day is good for your heart and overall health


Sex is not only fun, but also very good for the heart, for our immune system to our well being and our physical fitness.

"This training heart and the whole bodyClearly better than aerobics every day in the area, and very poor out & # 39; e. (…) The practitioner is a huge benefit we do for our health. "It protects the cardiologist and one of the most popular science writers from Germany, Dr. Johannes Hinrich von Borstel.

"In addition, we release hormones that protect us from a number of diseases, In fact, one study found that sexually active people suffer far fewer fatal heart attacks than those who practiced little and uninteresting, "he adds.

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Moreover, he argues that He loves contact and release the first hormonesThis increase, in order to become "real fires artificial hormone in achieving orgasm, during which more than 50 chemical messengers dropped» Infosalus site.

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Among other things, the expert stresses "Oxytocin" love hormone orWhich is not only free women during childbirth and lactation, but also fans; in "Dopamine" or "useful product" which gives us a very good feeling useful; or "Adrenaline", we are concerned about hormone and it makes sex even when practicing our heart beat up to 120 times per minute; "Serotonin" the hormone of happiness.

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He also emphasizes the "testosterone" source of strength and one of the most important hormones, which increases sexual arousal and pen to feel a strong sense of desire; "Endorphins" or hormone analgesicThat reduces the feeling of pain and improves sleep, among others.

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