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He asked to be amputated arms and legs to save her life



Mike Davis, 60, spent 70 days in the intensive care unit of meningococcal meningitis and septicemia.

During this period, he realized that his hands and legs were "dead" and recover better without them.

Now, he says, what is good and can even "keep a glass of beer."

With the help of prosthetic arms and legs, Davis can drive a specially adapted, and said that he was living a full life.

"My message to those who suffer amputation never give up," he said.

He has caught on Christmas Eve 2017, when she began to feel more and more "colder."

"He put me in the bed did not help. I looked like a ghost, with blue lips, "he said.

His family & # 39; I insisted he interned at a local hospital Royal Sussex.

In the early morning hours of December 25, doctors told his wife Julie and his son Rory would probably not survive.

"When I kept my hands did not feel it. My arms and legs were dead, "Davis said.

After spending 10 weeks in the hospital "on the brink of survival," he realized that his legs should disappear.

"I began to long for me to amputate arms and legs," he said.

"I have provided a lot of drugs and mentally accepted that they had to disappear so I could fully recover," he said.

After the amputation, he spent two and a half months at Queen Mary University Hospital in Roehampton, learning to walk with a prosthetic leg.

Since then, he has been able to "walk five kilometers," you can feed themselves using indoor attached to the levers and even can "keep a glass of beer."

"I feel mentally very positive about the obstacles still to be overcome."

"The support of other people, you had the key. I am a happy man, "he said.

What is meningococcal meningitis

meningitis Meningitis with & # 39; is a serious & # 39; oznay bacterial infection of the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord

bacteria Meningococcus may cause meningococcal meningitis or septicemia or a combination of both diseases

disease This can be seen all over the world, but more often registered in countries in sub-Saharan Africa

This may affect the people of all ages, but especially children, pre-school children and youth

Both meningitis Meningitis and septicemia with & # 39 is a disease that can lead to death, but most patients recover. Sepsis can be more dangerous than meningitis.

most Survivors recover completely without any long-term effects. However, one of the 10 remain significant disability and loss of limbs, deafness, epilepsy or brain damage.

Symptoms of meningococcal meningitis

Katia Abarca, a pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Pontifical University of Chile, told CNN three main symptoms that need to be fixed.

"High fever, headache and vomiting vomiting …" he said Dr. Abarca, with reference to the outbreak of the disease in Chile, in 2012.

"The man is very sluggish and might even seeks to consciousness, because, as a rule, goes to sleep," he continued.

"We doctors are looking for a stiff neck, because everything is so inflamed that the movement does hurt."

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