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He died a woman for hantaviruses in Esquel and & # 39 is the third fatal victim – 12/17/2018

A 38-year-old employee Epuyén hospital, died this morning in hospital Esquel and & # 39 is the third fatal victim hantavirusAccording to preliminary data, the deceased returned some time ago and Chile last Saturday admitted to hospital admitted as a suspect case. His picture is even worse, and died in the early hours today.

According to one of the freelance released at the beginning of Monday's' day of 38-year-old died, "and showed that" he has been classified as a suspected case of hantavirus. "This is the third victim of the virus transmitted by rodents. They died girls 14 years old and an employee of the municipality of El Hoyo, 61.

Monday Health Minister Provincial Adrian Pike said that, since the area leading "seems appropriate for & # 39; to reveal the state of emergency health care to put all our structure and network of medical care available to a given situation. we have enhanced measures to the entire field of prevention. "For his part, Director of Display-Distribution, Dr. Teresa Strella said that" today, epidemiology shows that 6 confirmed cases were recordedWith a high probability that the spread from person to person. There are 15 suspected cases (3 fatal counting) to date, with 6 tested, 2 and 4 are likely Hantavirus unfolded. "

In addition, the same party points out that yesterday admitted to the hospital with the child Esquel 11, classified as a suspicious case, which is set in the clinical and hemodynamic parameters.

While in three patients, all positive for hantavirus are admitted to intensive care at the medical center. A minor without mechanical ventilation, stable, while the adult is supported by mechanical ventilation, but its parameters with & # 39 is stable, the report said. The last of the three landing in a critical and prognosis according to the state report.

At this point, in a hospital zone Esquel NO patients in isolation rooms as hospitals rural Epuyén. In both the rural hospital of El Maiten they remain "in the insulator 4 patients under the supervision of derivative Epuyén». The party shows that the epidemiological status warning & # 39; is given for the Program area Esquel passed health warning in the last hours.

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