Thursday , April 9 2020
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He died actress SILVINA Bosco | DiarioShow


The actress died Tuesday Silvina BoscoAs he confirmed Argentina Actors Association. He was 52 and was hospitalized for several days, with the workers who are fighting the disease in the sanatorium of the Trinity.

The artist has developed a large car & # 39; a career in film, theater, television and advertising. On the small screen, he has participated in hits "The children», «Amigovios» «This puts Francella» and "Almost Angels", While the big screen made "Buenos Aires Me Mat», «La Fuga», «Animalada and Arregui", "Daily News" and "Hot."

Útlimo what he did in the theater was "Winter Jasmine" in 2018 and "Mother Courage" this year. In March, 3 tables left and was replaced by the Rita Terranova.

Through social networks, colleagues learned the sad news, and decided to devote some emotional words.

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