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He fears the return of CPK and another populist cycle in the region, due to the support of the IMF to central bank intervention


The White House did the same reading as Wall Street: the best scenario for the next four years in Argentina comes from the hands of Mauricio Macri, Returning Alternative Cristina Kirchner to power, the likelihood that seemed remote until recently, and is now bursting at the market estimates, from their point of view it would be boring to return until recently dominant populists in Latin America.

This look says, according to local analysts, the approval of the final article of monetary policy. Linear reasoning: If presidential elections are tied to the stability of the dollar, assuming that is accepted as true, then the central bank should be able to do whatever is necessary to ensure stability.

The stock was technology fund has been more closely associated with the causes of economic policy: The US Treasury Department, under the direction of Steven Mnuchin, gave a & # 39; the amount of the arguments of Argentine officials presented the IMF leadershipAs we reported yesterday. "It is an order from above," he summed up Infobae local expert, who put words to what the body can not tell.

The relevance of the other element, as the market of New York and Washington in amazement adds, Not from the & # 39 is in Argentina, six months before the election, the arbitrator is able to break the binary scheme with which policy inevitably Argentina reads. Thus, at the present time only two options: the continuity of the management of the current (and the alliance with the United States) or uncertain scenario that could put the country of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro.

"The loss to Argentina as an ally will be painful"he said Infobae Benjamin Gedan, a specialist in Latin America, Argentina and Project Director of Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, DC. "The United States, during the two administrations have seen Mauricio Macri as a key partner on a number of issues, including Venezuela, and believes that its pro-market reforms, as a bulwark against the populist experiments in the field," he added.

A return to the practice in the second South American economy "will be with the & # 39; edlivay setback for US interests in Latin America, especially if the change was replaced against the US government," said Gedan. Kirchner decade still brings bitter memories.

Estimates of Wall Street analysts that opportunity due to the ongoing tensions between the US and Mexicondrés Manuel Lopez Obrador and the lack of guarantees offered Zheyr Bolsonaro in Brazil, where the government a few months, and showing the effects of internal cracks is difficult to predict.

That is, three of the largest in Latin America raise issues of concern in the United States. And it adds to concerns about the lack of progress in Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as a possible re-election of Evo Morales in Bolivia. The Argentine case, check the readiness of the US government to do something about it.

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