Sunday , February 28 2021

He fell to 3% in the average oil YPF and these new prices in Mendoza

At dawn, YPF service stations change their prices were on average lower than exceeded 3% was recorded.

Sunday, the company announced that because of the low price of a barrel of foreign oil, combined with exchange rate stability, it would be possible to reduce the price.


Super: the price went from $ 38.24 to $ 37.99

Infinia: $ 43,24 went from $ 42.99

Diesel: $ 35.71

Infinia Diesel: $ 40.55 went from $ 39.69

Check price depending on each station and flag here: Prices at the pump.

The company dominates more than 50% of the fuel market and is expected to affect the decision on the remainder of the season.

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