Saturday , April 17 2021

He showed a video that shows a bar in Boca monumental

Maximilian Levy He was arrested 88 days, accused of secretly keep Maximiliano Mazzaro, № 2 Boca Barra Brava If Mauro Martin was the only leader of the podium, and accused of involvement in the murder case. He was captured at the beginning of March 2013, returning from a trip to twelve Ecuador. In addition, it is closely connected with almirante BrownThe team, which plays in the Primera B Nacional.

Well, Levy was on Saturday in a monumental, cuts in the Super Final between Boca and RiverEven, Self was taken to San Martin pitWhere he stood to watch the match was not, and went on social networks. How do you get your ticket, unless the partner institution? In addition, it was found fans millionaireWho filmed their entry into the stadium.

Levy was also investigated in the case of collusion before the dome Barra Brava in Xeneize. In August 2014, Oral Court number 24 was given a suspended sentence as a bar and pub keeper Migliore on said cover; she has to sacrifice in 2000 the balance of Caritas.

"So a lot of trouble to bring his wife to the soccer game, God, vigilance," he wrote in his account in Facebook, if their presence came to the media. His name rang again with its mysterious & # 39; visiting the monumental, in superclásico, which do not start the incidents around the court, which ultimately affected the Boca players.

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