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He stole the woman's purse and a policeman was killed by a bullet – 2018/12/17

Three suspects killed by police bullets to make a warning in the province of Cordoba, in particular, in the capital and its surroundings. Three cases, until now, employees are involved in a situation of freedom, but with a corresponding charge of murder.

The latest incident occurred on Saturday evening near Malvinas Argentinas in the Great Cordova. The official version indicates that the suspect, identified as Jorge Bracamonte, 23, hid in the house in the area with an accomplice after the attack on the woman.

The police chase ended right in Antonio Rivera 1200, where he shot and killed the service weapon Bracamonte shot in the chest, next to one of the underarms.

Bracamonte alleged accomplice was arrested and taken away 0.22 caliber revolver that was found was Bracamonte weapons. Thus, their relatives reported this weekend that it was a case of "trigger".

Prosecutor Marcelo Phenol was responsible for the investigation and said that he realized that there was a "red-handed by the alleged offender, who, in turn, had a criminal record," he told Cadena 3 sites.

"Early reports will show what was the case of the functional performance within the parameters. But now I'm investigating a murder, "said the prosecutor.

Marcos Soria (32) and Victor Sarriá (38) with a & # 39 are the identities of the other two suspects killed by police, who are currently under investigation for "murder".

Soria died after being shot in the head in the area of ​​Bishop Angelelli 2. Sarriá, a bullet hit him in the forehead.

Death Soria, Cape police Cordoba Fabian Gustav Rivera is in a difficult situation. Civilian clothes during the event, which was held on December 8, and departed after the firing of the place and gave notice of any higher.

Milagros fiscal Gorgas decided that he is free, but left the charge of "deteriorating the use of firearms and their status as a police killing."

Emanuel Ramiro Caceres, 21, from & # 39 is the officer involved in the incident, which killed Sarriá. He is accused of "killing more abundantly."

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