Sunday , November 29 2020

health warning in Esquel Hantavirus: Three people were killed and six confirmed cases

A new victim with the & # 39 is a woman 38 years old, who recently returned from Chile and on Saturday introduced acknowledged as suspect cases Credit: Shutterstock

said the Ministry of Health ESQUEL.- morning Chuset health ad in the software area of ​​Esquel after the third fatality from hantavirus in the provincial mountains and in order to meet the "epidemiology". A new victim with the & # 39 is a 38-year-old employee Epuyén Hospital, who was hospitalized. There are six confirmed cases, and others, whose study results are expected in Malbrán Institute.

Cases of hantavirus continues to grow, and belong to the health authorities in Chusesh that of & # 39; have revealed an epidemiological alert in the area of ​​Esquel. The six confirmed cases were positive about the & # 39 combined in the final hours of the two other possible. Two patients in the assessment remain in the prison hospital Zonal Esquel.

third victim

The last victim recently returned from Chile and on Saturday he went to the hospital recognized as a suspect at Esquel. His picture worsened over hours and today, finally died. Minister of Health of Chubut, Adrian Pike, said at a press conference that in the neighboring province of Rio Black made "available for all health structures in case of need."

He assured that the government will pay more attention to "the hospital throughout the Program" and "likely to work with the municipality (Esquel) to reformulate some hospitals the problem, transfer the stretcher will be purchased, if necessary, will be funding barbijos buy gloves and gowns, and will plan local care system and the entire region. "

According to him, the daily reported in detail and stressed that "are in constant contact with doctors Epuyén, program area, and all interested parties. The hospital has Esquel resources "to resolve the situation.


Meanwhile, Director of Pathology, Teresa Strella, adding that "a little more than a month ago, six cases of hantavirus high probability that transmission from person to person reported in the program area of ​​Esquel", rather than the impact on the environment. "Today we have a total of 15 suspected cases reported in which there are six confirmed," he said.

"Things are all at a time in the same region, located in Epuyén. Hantavirus with & # 39; is endemic in the region and includes the neighboring Chubut province, "he added in an expert who said that for this reason, measures of care," it applies to the entire region of the Andes, "he added.

Guidelines apply to "any traveler to go to the mountains," a & # 39; is, inter alia, "to respect the signs, billboards, and not camp in places that do not hold, no garbage, clean industries, not leave included for transit routes." Strella explained that "person-to-person transmission of Andes virus characteristic, circulating in the region. This was at odds, but always work that is relevant for the transmission medium, to confirm the transfer of the person. "

"It has been documented transmission from one to the other, and what has happened this year has been a feature of a social event, where it happened, as he said Bud, referring to the day of birth in the Cordilleras. That person transmission is very short person "event.

What it is and how it can be prevented

Hunt with a & # 39 is a virus found in some wild mice, and can infect humans, causing serious & # 39; serious pulmonary and cardiovascular disease. The disease is characterized by high fever of production, headache, musculoskeletal pain and gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain. Fever may exceed 38 ° C and is accompanied by coughing and breathing difficulties.

After a & # 39; shew health alarm in the area Programmatic Esquel in cases of hantavirus, health authorities have submitted a number of recommendations to prevent the virus:

  1. Clean-residential areas, offices and a lunch room with water with bleach.
  2. Do not enter rooms or places that have been closed for some time, not Hood for at least 30 minutes.
  3. Keep weeds and pastures are cut at ground level and debris, rubble within a radius of 30 m. Around about the & # 39 object.
  4. Sealing plate with tin, glued and nailed with cement or other material firrme holes having a diameter equal to or more than half cm., In schools, homes, stores and wineries.
  5. Comply with the general hygiene measures and the dishes in the kitchen. Store food in closed containers and do not leave leftovers on tables, furniture, flooring, etc.
  6. Keep garbage in closed containers. If there is no trash, bury 50 cm. Depth and 50 m. Housing.
  7. If you have symptoms of severe, sudden flu, contact your doctor, avoid self-medication, you should know that he was in contact with rodents or risk areas.

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