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Higher up the chain of command | Barreiro gave Pist …


Roland Hugo Barreiro, alias Rolo assigned to members of the Judge Dolores Ramos Padilla Aleh Federal Intelligence agency (AFI), including officials at the highest level, as part of the area of ​​illegal espionage as it could set PáginaI12.

After the surrender, Barreiro was questioned at length in Dolores, which, in his version, was the work of the principle of land. It would, by its description, one associated with AFI structure. Now the judge to determine whether organic action were described Barreiro, if included room for maneuver available agents or combination of both. That is, if the extortion and coercion series was part of the orders received from the AFI. According to research conducted Ramos Padilla interest Barreiro of & # 39 is inherently organic spy AFI may be indicative of connection between the plot, which still has as vertices Marcelo D & # 39; Alessio, lie attorney associated inter alia with Federal prosecutor Carlos Stornelli. The prosecutor was defaulted.

During the investigation, Barreiro broke, because he said that he was afraid. The judge had to make a break in the interrogation of crying.

Ramos Padilla began reading the charges, which mainly include participation in an unlawful association, dedicated to the illegal spying. It is unclear whether he will also be sentenced to spy responsibility extortion and coercion.

As is known, the figure Barreiro with & # 39 appeared in the investigation of the attack on the customs Gabriel traffic. His presence is repeated maneuvers against Gabriel Garcés in the same file. Even Barreiro is a person who conducts prosecution D & # 39; Alessio Juan Ignacio Bidone and makes the display between a fake power of attorney and the prosecutor. Bidone, Mercedes, already suspended attorney in Buenos Aires in July Conte Grand.

This duo, D & # 39; Alessio-bidone, is the one who prepared the information and reports migration and telefónicas- calls served to extort money from a businessman Pedro Etchebest. Justice is interesting to see & # 39 Barreiro is not to provide information to D group & # 39; Alessio, to realize the levies and other restrictions, including graduated embodied in the statements of the prosecutor Stornelli.

The prosecutor is not the only figure in the federal justice Barreiro involved in the investigation. Dolores federal court assesses the importance of its links to the operator on the basis of federal courts of Comodoro Py he sent D & # 39; Alessio ~ d entrepreneur. In this edition you can read an interview with & # 39; nd Mario Cifuentes, oil businessman service suffered the attack, which he defined as someone close to the top of the current government. The goal, as in other cases, was to eliminate his company to avoid competition or to take it.

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