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Hilarious photo of Benjamin Vicuna's ironed hair


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April 29, 2019

Actor, star of "Argentina, the land of love and revenge", divides the image, sparked laughter of his followers.

Benjamín Vicuña
Benjamín Vicuña and photos from the planchette that generated laughter Instagram

Benjamín Vicuña enjoying great professional gift with "Argentina, the land of love and revenge"New Fiction polka which has very high figures rankings.

In the last hours, the steam actor Eugenia «China» Suarez, Shared images from your stories Instagram who laughed at his followers.

Benjamín Vicuña
Benjamin Vicuña and funnier way of social networking. Photo: Instagram

"If I had to iron my hair to lose it?" He asked vicuna an image that went viral instantly.

In the card, you can see the Chilean holding a plate with his disheveled hair completely.

Pampita Benjamin Vicuna revealed as father

On the other hand, consultation and rated by the minute, vicuna It was stupid. "In general, I try not very knowledgeable about the numbers. But at the beginning of this novel, I was more attentive, especially in the context of the country and TV. Many laburos will depend on local literature and content generation, "he said.

The actor did not avoid the realities of Argentina and said "Poverty is alarming. This is due to human rights with common sense. This is what hurts me that I breathe, live and see. We are not in a bubble, and you can see how all the pain goes to the moodiness and anger. As it reduced the consumption of leisure, theater and cinema. "

Benjamin Vicuña and especially his time with music figure

It should be noted that in the last days, Benjamin He divided his Instagram video with her daughter magnoliaTaking their first steps.

Not the first time the couple has their little daughter in posteosque together with its millions of followers.

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