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HIV has been removed from the patient's blood British


According to UN statistics, the number of HIV-infected over 36 million people in 2015. If confirmed, this treatment can be for many.

infection human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), perhaps with & # 39 is one of the most dreaded diseases. This occurs when HIV manages to infect the immune system cells, changing or completely canceling its operation that does not allow them to fight off infections and diseases.

After infection, the patient can ignore the fact that he has it, In the beginning, as a rule, there are no convincing signsOr only a short period of influenza. However, with the development of disease and immune system weakens considerably increases the risk of infection of the respiratory organs, tumors and other chronic diseases.

How is the virus

The main means of transmission of the virus – it is unprotected sex with an infected person. However, this may also occur:

  • Transfusion of infected blood.
  • Contaminated needles or knives.
  • From an infected mother to child during pregnancy, childbirth or breastfeeding.

Since its establishment until today, HIV It presented a problem for the medical and scientific community, Not only because of the different ways in which it affects the patient, but also because of its sophisticated monitoring and treatment, according to Better Health.

And although there have been achieved a very significant achievement, Final treatment of infected people yet. However, all this could change thanks to new progress, which raised new hopes.

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End of HIV infection?

HIV has completely disappeared from the British patient's blood 44 years old, whose identity has not been revealed. The treatment was part of a pilot study with the participation of the most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, such as Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London, University College and King & # 39; s College London.

British scientist eradicated-Vih-of-a-patient

The first phase of the study consisted of a modification of the virus so that it can be detected by the immune system. Then, it generates the necessary antibodies to exclude it from the blood.

He has been tested by 50 patients, but the results are waiting for doctors. The point of this man was the first in which it was shown that the virus had completely disappeared, apparently.

Experts point out that the note definitive treatment is still too early, because you often repeated examinations of the patient to ensure that the virus did not come back.

They also remember this HIV – the virus that can hide very well, so it can be detected within a few months after the initial infection.

This is one of the first verses of & # 39; oznyh attempts to complete the treatment of HIV infection. We are studying the real possibility of treating it. This is a big problem, and although still early, progress has been wonderful, said Mark Samuels, CEO of the British National Institute of Health.

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What is the new therapy?

One of the great difficulties that exist for scientists, from the point of view of developing the disease, – the identification of the virus. It has the ability to enter into T-cells, which become their main means of reproduction. Current procedure can not detect the infected T cells and, for this reason, British scientists have focused on this.


New therapy could adhere to and destroy HIV in all affected areas. First, the vaccine will be used to help the immune system to identify infected cells, begin the cleaning process.

In the second stage it will be given a drug called vorinostat, which is used in severe cases of lymphoma, cutaneous T-cells and which have shown some success in the test tube. Treatment may not only cleanse your body from all the viruses in the breeding, but also those who are inactive.

reliable treatment

Despite the fact that there is evidence of at least two other cases of patients who were allocated to HIV infection, this case is particularly special, because if it is successful, It can be applied to millions of virus carriers in the world.

According to UN estimates, the number of infected in 2015 amounted to more than 36 million and is one of the suras & # 39; oznyh public health problems.

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