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Horoscope Sunday 31 March 2019


Deparan you know that the stars of love and health, the signs of the zodiac. As usual, we share here horoscope today. This is what your sign says that this Sunday, March 31, 2019.

(20 March 21 April)
Love: rare you, your partner is to convince you, assigns and manages an agreement not to fight. Nha offended. Health: Headaches. Surprise: silly discussions over dinner.

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(20 April 21 May)
Love and understanding will give relief. Some bold will be fine; attraction will manifest. Health: relax the body and mind. Surprise: Nostalgia for those who left.

(May 21, June 21)
Love, tenderness and sensitivity seems to be missing. Take another position or your partner wants to leave. Health: the tangled emotions. Surprise: Dazzling receive a gift.

(June 22 to July 22)
Love: anger and sinks into his shell. Intrinsic defects have to be taken; It's a secret. Health: back to the hall. Surprise: one will make you confused.

(July 23 to August 22)
Love: hustling wants to take advantage of the conflict between the couple. Particular attention should be to keep them away. Health: You need to start a diet. Surprisingly unusual response to a complaint.

(22 August-23 September)
Love: Who comes without warning bored couple. It will put in place to protect privacy. Health: an old disease dissipates. Surprise someone anticipate your intent.

(September 22-October 23)
Love: a sad party knows the next impossible love. Leave the ring with a strong enticement. Health: Do not forget to moisturize well. Surprise: an unfair situation resolved.

(Oct. 23-Nov.21)
Love: Control yourself, jealousy can ruin this magical moment with making rumors. Do not give credit. Health: Advice strip. Surprise: he received a rare privilege.

(November 22-dic.21)
Love to meet friends, have to admit undeniable appeal. The recipient will know. Health: You should go and rest more. Wonder who aired intimate questions.

(Dic.22 until January 20)
Love: You know who it is that sends gifts incognito. There will come to the reception to admire. Health: Avoid excesses on the table. Surprise: other ways of life to seduce him.

(January 21, February 19)
Love: must balance their fragile inner world, before the plans for the future. Someone is waiting for you. Health: too much tension. Surprise: the confusion to reveal the truth.

(February 20-March 20)
Love: you complain that ignores the problems faced by a couple. Urge to take things suras & # 39; ozna. Health: Remove pessimistic ideas. Surprisingly becomes an apprentice leader.


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