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How to prevent sudden death, killing four people per hour in Argentina


Death models parade on the catwalk São Paulo Fashion Week, To generate excitement, not only in Brazil but also in the region. The first medical reports on temporary borders Print this country understand "sudden death". In this regard, several consultations in the internet to know what it is and how to prevent it.

Academic journal in cardiology begins to describe sudden death as follows: "Probably the most important task of modern cardiology". It is not surprising, given that in accordance with the descriptions, a cardiologist Florence Meiller (MN 94561), in the German hospital, with & # 39 is a kind of death "Naturally, an unexpected and rapid ".

It can be prevented in any way?

In this context, Gustavo Maid (MN 77063), Head arrhythmias Cardiology Service of Hospital Italiano, adds: "The reasons that lead to sudden death is different when it comes to children and young people where There is a genetic component; when it comes to adults, aged 35 years, where the origin -in one of Cases- coronary artery disease that perhaps he was not found. "

Against the idea that there would be no possibility of prevention against this table, Maid said that "when we say that the main cause of sudden death in adults heart diseaseAll that we can do in terms of healthy eating, physical activity, smoking cessation and make cardiological examination It will help to reduce the risk. "

Mainly, the immediate cause that causes sudden death from & # 39 is sudden ventricular fibrillation"This is the heart to & # 39; unorganized etsya more than 600 beats per minute, which causes the heart to wear out quickly," said an expert in the field of cardiology Roberto Peidro (MN 43697).

Statistical data show that, at least, four people They die of sudden death every hour in Argentina.

The importance of cardiac examinations

As a first step, illustrated Meiller, «a healthy lifestyle and is also important do cardiac evaluation before physical activity practice and I repeat it within your physician. Thus, you can detect and prevent changes that can trigger an episode of sudden death. "

Basic studies in check, with the & # 39 are:

• electrocardiogram

• echocardiography

• Ergometry

These tests & # 39 are mandatory for all those who practice natural or sport at a competitive level or high performance activity, Exercising is released adrenaline which acts as a trigger of heart problems, which still could be silent.

Urgency CPR resuscitation

"Our responsibility," says Meiller, "against sudden death is not limited to prevent, When the cardiac work, proper training in intensive care can save lives. We must not forget that sudden death has three phases: Initial symptoms of cardiac arrest biological deathIf this happens, a window, 80% of victims accompanied by some & # 39; s, friends or colleagues. If cardiac arrest occurs there are 5 to 10 minutes delay final death does not occur (one minute 10% chance of survival is lost). If the person involved conducting maneuvers basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), the patient has a chance of survival. These maneuvers for cardiac massage and ventilation (artificial respiration). "

Experts stress the importance of education bypass with recovery useful to save lives.

Consume hard drugs triples the risk

In the dialogue with ConBienestar Dr. Guido Bergman (MN 85234), a medical expert on relationships, explains that "cocaine in combination with alcohol consumption increases the risk of a massive heart attack or what is known as the sudden death of the box." "Alcohol may increase the adverse effects of cocaine, and vice versa"As" the salt of cocaine hydrochloride (which will dissolve in the liquid) and the crystals cocaine or base (which are not soluble in the liquid) when mixed with the alcohol to generate more powerful toxic even sur & # 39; ozna affect any tissue, particularly heart tissue, "says Bergman .

Dr. Hector Berzel, Medical Toxicology (MN 83577) adds: "Symptoms of poisoning mixing alcohol and cocaine with a & # 39 are: abnormal heart rhythm, arrhythmia, heart attack, and all can lead to a lethal field".

Both experts agree that the combination of mind-toxic You can lead the attack cerebrovascular (ACV) both hemorrhagic and ischemicBecause the body is damaged with a third substance called «cocaethylene», which produces the compression of the arteries that carry blood to the brain, and it is life threatening.

Dr. Bergman added that "in a problematic use This may give a dangerous cycle: Alcohol tends to aletargar person who, in turn, added cocaine to stay awake and during transmission to the substance slows down with alcohol. This cycle is also extremely harmful to health. "

Another determining factor in such cases with the & # 39 are the property of each patient disabilities, which may contribute to the deadly box case. He explains Dr. Carlos DAMIN Chapter toxicology Fernandez Hospital (MXP 81870), which notes that "mortal effects of the substance cocaethylene beyond the dose and / or time spent after consumption. also This is associated with individual base diseasesEspecially heart disease or vascular system, "he says.

Video distributed by the American Heart Association CPR technique:

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