Saturday , December 5 2020

how to tell if this person has blocked you

There are a few surefire ways to know if you are immediately blocked WhatsApp they do.

undoubtedly WhatsApp This messaging application most used in the world. We use it to talk with the family & # 39; s, friends, colleagues, etc. Unfortunately, we sometimes blocked by someone else, but WhatsApp NO warns yourself: how can we know when we were locked out?

The most direct test examines it from a different phone number:

If you have a relative's phone or other hand, you prune to ask you to see if you suspect that the person who blocked you connected.

If this second person can view the date of the last connection of your suspicion have reason, and you have blocked.

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Another test is to add a group:

in WhatsApp groups have different tools, but the most interesting thing in this case is to create a group with someone you suspect has blocked us.

If you do not block everything will work as it should and will be a & # 39; to appear in a group. if WhatsApp tells you that there is an error, it is likely that you have blocked.

Usually we all connect in a more or less regular basis. If the person you suspect that you are using to connect the evenings and some days do not respond could be blocked.

In addition, we will see the last date, or if the Internet connection in your profile. If the «Connected» is not blocked you, but you will reduce suspect that, if they are not much I plugged it does.

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