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Huge burrada program Kaczka Guido, which went viral


One of the participants said that something unthinkable in "Another Family Night» program Guido Kaczka. Shallow ignorance.

Again, the program and the answers provided room for ignorance on the scene most clearly can be geography hand. Just a few weeks ago, the doctrine was wrong to put Ukraine on the map Who Wants to Be a Millionaire ?, Now another family & # 39; I'm night, leading Guido Kaczka cycle in El Trece, showed a fatal mistake from the hands of a young woman fourteen.

Jose Maria, the girl who was Guido program to earn a trip to Punta del Este with his mother, who was on the platform height of several meters in the risk of falling overboard from the "swamp", had to answer, it is the capital of Sudan.

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"No, Guido. I do not agree, "she said. Kaczka recommended to say, the city, and perhaps I might have the benefit of some of its tracks, if the answer was not so far from correct.

"Tiro any one … Montevideo" shot Jose Maria. "No … that the answer is wrong," I was struck by the reaction of the driver, who helped in any way. "Good, but not so bad, because Montevideo is also of paramount importance in this case, of Uruguay, a neighboring country, our country's brother, much more than the limit …" he said Guido party.

"When people put you through WhatsApp joke is not so funny, and I do not want to feel bad. What do you get? "Asked the girl Kaczka." Ah, again, "she said." Look, I put "Zhazha" perhaps starting today staged a "re-ah. Take «JA" and "ha ha" and I thought "Nestum« eat boy, "said Guido.

«Jatul?» Said timidly 14-year-old girl.

"Not just one letter. Tell me, tell me. Tell me the answer ", he misappropriated hurry.

«Jatum?» Said Maria Jose finally.

«Reply Khartoum" showed Guido, why the athlete's mother fell into the water.

Khartoum with & # 39 is the capital of the African country. It has an area of ​​30,000 square kilometers and more than five million people. Montevideo, the city named Maria Jose in the first instance 10.876.03 km from the Sudanese region.

Other great moments of "hype", Guido programs were, when she was supposed to respond to the winning film of the Oscar, and if a guy came up with an unusual name for an important political adviser.

As often happens in such cases, social networks repeated the answer has been made and some users expressed outrage. View some of the comments:

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