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Hunt: on the & # 39; to manifest health warning after three people were killed and several confirmed cases of El Litoral – News – Santa Fe – Argentina

Hunt in Chubut: a & # 39; to manifest health warning after three people were killed and several cases confirmed

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Chubut Province announced this morning the health alert in the area Programmatic Esquel (APE) after eight confirmed cases of hantavirus in the mountainous region of cases Epuyén, in which three people were killed, after he learned of the death of another woman this morning with a box was "suspicious" but later, it was confirmed, the provincial Ministry of health said Tuesday.

"Women entered the hospital Esquel 72 hours ago. He was classified as a suspect case and gave a sharp deterioration in the last 24 hours, running an investigation, "said that they flesh out of the area, which consists of the cities of Trevelin, Epuyén, Lake Puelo, El Maitén, Jose de San Martin, Gualjanua, Tecka, Paso de-Indios, Corcovado, Cholila, Gobernador Costa, Rio Pike and Esquel.

Jorge Elias, deputy director of APE, said "contingency work with regional hospitals, including hospitals podonalnyh El Maitén, where there are currently four patients hospitalized for observation" was launched.

As to the possibility of infection from person to person, the hospital director zonal Esquel, Antonio Mugno, he said "not yet confirmed". "This suspicion, and therefore studied in Malbrán genome virus, but it is not yet confirmed that the virus is transmitted by one person to another, "he said.

Meanwhile, Elijah reminded that "a hantavirus & # 39; is endemic to the highlands, so protective measures should be taken into account when making the wild activity, we know village of virus mouse colilargo»,

As preventive measures, the expert said that if you decide to camp, you need to choose a place that is free from weeds and "not to sleep in contact with the grass." We also need to "follow the instructions guards and wardens, posters and other healthcare professionals, as well as including a tour with suitable clothing and footwear paths. "

He also needs to keep well ventilated, neat and clean housing and shelters, using bleach for disinfection before and not less than an hour to ventilate the room had been closed for a long time. "They are doing farm work clothes, suitable footwear and breathing apparatus, chin strap or cloth, as well as any doubt go to the nearest health", they warned.

Early symptoms of hantavirus pulmonary syndrome include fever, muscle aches and fatigue, while later symptoms include coughing and shortness of breath, is completed.

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