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I am seen in Ensenada: "Between the president and without equipment"


With this phrase, the governor came to the passage of a new wave of rumors about his possible candidacy for the presidency changes Come on. It was at the opening of works on modernization of the wastewater treatment plant, located in Punta Lara ABSA

President Mauricio Macri today criticized the strike moyanistas unions and others on the & # 39; unity, as well as differentiated he headed the opening ceremony works as a union sector "in a difficult moment for the country, he decided to stop," walk through the works of reconstruction and modernization of water treatment plant Punta Lara, party Ensenada.

In this context, the head of state has confirmed today that "tenders are now transparent and work begin and end," while he said, & # 39 are "pulling rotten roots", which is possible because "the Argentines have decided not to return" back that the "return to destroy themselves in the past."

Earlier, Buenos Aires Governor Maria Eugenia Vidal, who was accompanied by the president at the time said the ceremony that "between the President and not the equipment ', noting that accompany the" next four years ", making it clear that he would not let us change the candidate for the presidency as it was speculated in recent days.

Macro and Vidal led the inauguration of works on modernization of water treatment stations Gerardo Donato, whose improvements benefit more than 800,000 people in the region.

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