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"I started the adoption process," Intruders participant discussion surprised Air


There are many celebrities who have committed themselves fully their professional or artistic career and personal level left aside due to lack of time, because they have decided to give priority to work, or simply because everything was and they did not have children until recently . This is the case, the figures that have decided to become parents after 40 years or more, like Marley, Luciana Salazar, Flavio Mendoza, Deborah D & # 39; Amato, among others.

At this time, who admitted that he would become the father of the historical participants in the discussion of "outsiders" who shared the happy news with Jorge Rial Monday and his fellow program. It is Danielle Ambrosino, who dared to expose their inner desire would have been discovered in the past year, just taking the example of many of his colleagues.

Recall that a few months ago, one of the members of the legendary cycle show, Deborah, he was happier than ever to give birth to Lola. He recently returned to work, but does not stop talking about how to change the lives of the arrival of a little girl, which already has nearly five months. Then came the turn of Jorge rial, which has become a grandfather Francesco Benicio result relationship of his daughter Morena and Facundo Ambrosioni.

"I want to be a dad, I began the adoption process" was a loud phrase that said Ambrosino in Paparazzi magazine cover this week, which was the protagonist. After a live show driver this publication and interviews & # 39; w, the reporter gave detailed information about the life of high resolution you have taken and the true causes of this deep longing that arose in his heart.

"I was very nervous. Last year I commented on the air here, I wanted to be a father. I would like to have children, and my idea is to take "Daniel confessed the whole planter Intruder. He also revealed how he decided: "I talked with my friends, I'm the godfather of one of the daughters of my best friend, who has a home for orphaned children, and I was leading and then all were given.".

He also went on to say: "A few years ago I had the idea, but was then postponed. Also, I've seen every one of you with your children and for you, George, you are an example of such a situation. You choose, and I want to select it. And I would like to share. I grew up, matured, and I feel planted. Obviously already talked to my family & # 39; it, and it is strong, "he added, sincere.

Of course Rial to & # 39 is a reference to this subject, as he took Morena Rocio and her two daughters, who with & # 39 are independent young people. From his experience, he reminded his colleague difficulties they go through every time when people are immersed in the decision-making process, "You must be patient, very quiet. It is not easy, and, unfortunately, the road is still very long, because there is always a car stops, but will come out. "

The answer and comment on how he lives this process, Ambrosino said: "I am very happy. Today, I mobilized it. It & # 39; m professionally done, I'm missing the personal part, and I'm trying to build it, "he closed.

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