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In April will be hiking in the fuel gas, and an underpass


Gasoline and went to the weekend Source: Archive

In April, a further increase will come into effect that will have an impact on the pockets of consumers. Some of them will be implemented tomorrow, and the other in the course of the month. Below increase under fuel gas and the subway.


This growth has come into force this weekend for tax increases, a barrel of oil and the increase in the dollar. While the Anglo-Dutch
Shell has decided to increase by 9.5% on Saturday, Argentina
YPF rose 4.5%, the average price of its various retail products from this Sunday.

With this increase, a liter of super gasoline with Shell in Buenos Aires City will cost $ 49.98 for gasoline V-Power; $ 43.36 Super formulated; $ 47,98 V-Power Diesel; and $ 41.39 Diesel formula.

And in the case of YPF, prices were as follows: a liter of super gasoline is currently $ 40.43 on the Infinia oil, $ 46.65; diesel, $ 37.94 and Infinia Diesel, $ 44.40.

Like its competitor, YPF said that the main reason for a & # 39 is a 10% increase in the value of the dollar during the month of March. As expected, the change is subject to currency movement and the price of Brent, the international oil prices.

The increase is also due to the increase in the tax on fuel (ILC), which is updated by the accumulated inflation in the last quarter, and the government decided to divide between March and April. The first ascent was made in early March.


In particular, it agreed that users receive
Bulletins with an increase of 10% in April, from 9.1% in May and 7.5% in June, in which they will be once every two months in the last month.

In addition, during the period from June to September, the client will pay 88% of the total fare, and the remaining 22% will be paid newsletters come in January, February, March and April, with summer consumption.

Thus, an increase of 29% will not be reflected in the figures until next October. In the bill, the amount to be paid later with the & # 39 is as "seasonal respite."


Since April, the cost of travel
Metro to increase the $ 19 and premetro will cost $ 7 ticket has risen in February to $ 16.50 ($ 6 ride premetro).

But it is not the date on which the option that was discussed at the public hearing, the definitions. In May will be a further increase, which will make the cost of a $ 21 ticket and $ 7.50, respectively.

Passengers using public transport more discounts will Multimodal model diagram Red Sube, introduced at the beginning of 2018. According to this embodiment, since the second half of -Changes transport channel line- or pay 50% of the cost, and the next 25% three.

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