Sunday , April 5 2020
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In the 00 hours transport strike starts from income tax


24-hour strike, which brought Tranviarios dome Union (UTA) which He did not join the general strike today due to unionism kirchnerista sector and faced with the CGT, will begin at midnight and leave you public transport passengers during May 1st.

decision stop on Labor DayHe said its Secretary-General, Roberto Fernandez, in early April, because sector is not favorable working daysSince then, they are deducted from their wages for income tax.

UTA claims that, until they resolve this conflict, and maintaining a dialogue with the national government, to stop all the holidays.

So, tomorrow they will stop all bus lines, subway and trainSo some companies will not provide services or to earn income to join the strike called by trade union front for the national model (Fresimona) headed by the leaders of the Teamsters, of Hugo Moyano and his son Pablo.

The division between those who have decided to stop today and tomorrow, and those who followed the call UTA, This gave rise to some incidents in the early afternoon today.

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