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Insight probe arrived at Mars, and this is the first clear picture you have taken

November 27, 2018

After landing on the Red Planet, NASA device caught dismal picture. Today, fascinated by new catch began to unravel Martian personality.

InSight probe to Mars

US probe Mars Insight managed on Monday and sent the first images the red planet.

«Amartizaje» came after seven years at NASA and the seven months of travel through space probe. It was he who in 11:52:59 California time (19:52:59 GMT), where the control center at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA in Pasadena. It was a moment before it was planned.

"We have successfully landed on Mars in the eighth time in the history of mankind"Said Jim Bridenstin, NASA administrator. "Insight will examine inter & # 39; er Mars and science teaches us valuable as we prepare to send astronauts to the moon and then to Mars"He added.

Insght NASA photos of Mars
The value of the first image transmitted mostly historical because it is not yet clear.

Insight has posted the first images of Mars a few minutes after reaching the Red Planet. But it was not until it was found that may show the first clear image. Through its networks, the space agency together capture and added: "There is a quiet beauty here. I'm looking forward to the introduction of my new home "

with & # 39 Mars Occurrence

This is the first time the device contacts the ground Martian soil since 2012. So did NASA rover Curiosity, the only currently active on the red surface.

Elizabeth Barrett, the main tools, said it would take two to three months to collect all Insight tools to the surface and another pair to start getting information.

InSight Mars mission with a French accent

The purpose of the mission to the & # 39; is to create a three-dimensional map of Mars, so "We can understand the inter & # 39; er Mars, and how we came to know from the outside"Said principal investigator Bruce Banerdt.

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