Saturday , July 31 2021

iOS 12.1.1 will allow to expand notifications on the iPhone XR

iOS 12.1.1, currently in beta phase, will allow you to see more content in notifications

Arscar Gutiérrez / CNET

The iPhone XR It does not have a 3D Touch and, therefore, not some benefits such as expanding notifications to see more content, but it will change through software updates in the future.

iOS 12.1.1, currently in beta, will reach users in the coming weeks and allow the iPhone XR to long press on notifications to display more information, actions that will work similar to the same long pressure action but on phones with 3D Touch on screen.

By not having 3D Touch, the iPhone XR loses functionality by pressing the screen to display the submenu on the icon, displaying more information in the notification or previewing photos and videos. Apple did not put the membrane needed for 3D Touch as a way to reduce the price of XR production and sell cellphones for the lowest possible price.

The 9to5Mac site is one that finds that iOS 12.1.1 is activated by long-pressure software on the iPhone XR. This site adds that it's rather strange that Apple hasn't added this since the first version of iOS 12, taking into account that iPad doesn't have a Touch 3D on the screen and still has the function of displaying more content when doing old press.

The difference between Haptic Touch (on iPhone XR) and 3D Touch is response time. With this latest technology, the telephone immediately responds by recognizing increased pressure on the screen; while with Haptic Touch, the system reacts slowly.

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